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Our Awesome Services.

At Hangzhou PLUS Housing, we provide a one-stop rental service to help expats settle in Hangzhou. Our services include:

Pre-Moving Preparation & Orientation

Our comprehensive moving guide offers deep insights into the local rental market and living environment, ensuring you adapt seamlessly to your new surroundings. We help you decode the complexities of Hangzhou, identifying the nuances of the local property scene. In addition to this, we provide City Orientation and School Search services to ensure that your transition into the city's lifestyle is smooth, and your family's needs are catered to. This comprehensive orientation extends to a broad overview of Hangzhou, covering essential locations, transportation options, and amenities to make you feel at home.

Business Car and Rental Services

We provide a business car service for you to comfortably tour suitable properties. Moreover, our car rental services are at your disposal, ensuring convenience and flexibility in your travels across the city. We focus on making your property search and mobility in Hangzhou hassle-free and comfortable, so you can focus on choosing a home that truly resonates with you and meets all your needs, all while navigating the city at your own pace.

Property Search and Housing Management

We specialize in personalized property searches based on your unique needs, presenting you with the most suitable options and providing in-depth property details. But our service does not end there. We extend to everyday housing management, coordinating with maintenance services, dealing with routine housing concerns, and ensuring you receive your rent invoices promptly. We aim to create a hassle-free residential experience, keeping your comfort and convenience as our top priority.

Property Viewings and Installation Services

With an understanding of your schedule and preferences, we organize property viewings, allowing you to make an informed decision about your potential new home. To ensure your residence is set up to your liking, we also offer installation services for high-speed internet broadband and international channel satellite TV. We handle these technical aspects so that when you move in, you step into a fully-functional home, customized to your lifestyle and entertainment needs.

Negotiation, Contract Signing, and Registration

We understand the intricacies of property negotiations and put our expertise to work for you, ensuring your interests are prioritized. Our professionals guide you through the contract signing process, clarifying any ambiguities, and providing the necessary assistance. Beyond this, we facilitate your compliance with local regulations by offering police station registration support. We aim to make your transition into your new home as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Full-Service Move-In and Move-Out Assistance

Our full-service commitment covers your entire rental journey, from move-in to move-out. This includes arranging cleaning services, assisting with obtaining a certificate of no criminal record, and driver's license applications. When it's time to move out, we oversee the process, ensuring the property condition meets the contract's provisions and aiding in the smooth retrieval of your security deposit from the landlord. We also offer guidance and support for any queries or issues you may encounter during your lease period. We are with you every step of the way, simplifying your move-in and move-out process, and turning Hangzhou into a home away from home.

Who Are We.

Hangzhou PLUS Housing is a company dedicated to helping expats rent properties in Hangzhou. Our process is rigorous and efficient, committed to providing clients with high-quality one-stop rental services. Our goal is to help every client find their ideal home and enjoy a beautiful life. Our method is to use our extensive industry experience and professional knowledge to tailor the most suitable properties for our clients.

Our Process.

We follow a systematic approach, from understanding your needs, recommending suitable properties, accompanying you during viewings, to finalizing contracts and providing after-sales support, making the entire rental process seamless and efficient.

Our Approach.

Our experienced team leverages in-depth local knowledge, a vast network of property resources, and personalized attention to identify the best properties that match your unique needs and preferences.

Our Goal.

We aim to deliver exceptional customer experiences by finding the perfect homes for our clients, while ensuring a smooth transition and integration into life in Hangzhou.

Our Mission.

To become the go-to rental service provider for expats in Hangzhou, continually exceeding expectations through outstanding service, professionalism, and dedication to client satisfaction.


House Agent

Tina has been in Hangzhou for more than 10 years . She joined PLUS in 2010 as Customer Services , Tina has established herself as an honest, friendly and proficient after-sale service . She made the move into Real Estate wanting to provide families with a level of service and honest advice that she found sorely lacking in her own relocation experience. During this time she has acquired a wealth of invaluable work experience and has built a strong and loyal business network. She provides quick and accurate information to client inquiries, flexible scheduling to meet client demands and effective home finding assistance . Her warm and friendly personality along with her determination to insure her clients' needs are taken care of, make Tina an effective and reliable agent.


House Agent

Cici was born, raised and educated in Hangzhou, who has lifelong experience and knowledge of this city. Having been working with foreigners for almost 10 years, Cici speaks fluent English, and has a better understanding of foreign customers. She devotedly focuses on all of her clients' needs and requirements regarding their living preferences and strives to continually provide exceptional service to all of her clients. In her spare time, Cici likes to travel and outdoor activities. She is a kind happy girl, her smile and aim to please will make clients feel taken care of and comfortable.Having been working with foreigners for almost 10 years, Cici speaks fluent English, and has a better understanding of foreign customers.


House Agent

Sherry, a native of Hangzhou, possesses over five years of experience in the real estate field at Plus. Her dedication to work is reflected in her expertise and the high-standard service she provides. Her passion for life extends to her love for travel, always keen to explore and learn. Professionally, she maintains a positive attitude, balancing exceptional service with a warm approach. If you seek a reliable real estate expert, Sherry is an excellent choice. Her rich experience and commitment to exceeding client expectations make her a valuable asset in your real estate journey. Sherry's unique blend of tailored solutions and personalized service ensures client satisfaction. Trusting Sherry with your real estate needs guarantees unparalleled professional guidance.


House Agent

Agnes was born, raised, and educated in Hangzhou, a city to which she has a deep emotional attachment and understanding. With over ten years of experience in the foreign service industry, she understands the needs and preferences of foreign clients. She can accurately grasp clients' requirements and provide corresponding and effective advice and solutions. Li Wen is a very cheerful and enthusiastic lady who enjoys making friends and is always ready to help her clients. Having worked in the real estate industry for many years, Li Wen is always able to quickly find suitable houses based on clients' requirements and provide honest and effective advice. She is always eager to introduce local customs and relevant amenities to clients, helping them quickly integrate into the city. She is always open and transparent in addressing clients' questions and concerns.

  • I would like to express my gratitude to Agnes. She has been an excellent professional, always giving the best solution to my family and myself; supporting us and helping us in every detail. I will recommend her to all my friends and besides her English is excellent.; she has a knowledge of the western world so is easy to get alone with her. Once again thanks and I wish to Agnes the best for her.

    Author image
    Karen Flores Natali
  • York has been such a tremendous help from beginning to end, China needs more people like him! He is fantastic at what he does and helpful is an understatement as he is genuine and kindhearted as well. Myself and my partner Simon?? will recommend him to anyone who seeks to find their lovely new apartment as he will make it happen for you i have no doubt about it. I wish there was a rating system out of 10 because i would give him 20. Thank you York so much from the bottom of our hearts,you have no idea what it means to us especially being foreigners in a different country, you treated us with utmost respect and kindness, which we will never forget and we surely would like to repay you for your kindness one day in the near future.

    Author image
    Robert James Murtagh
  • York was great with us. Reliable and always responds to messages fast. Told him what we were looking for, how many rooms, location and price range. He sent over many different apartments, we went and viewed them and found one we really liked that matched all of our criteria.. within 3 days, from having no apartment yet, we had found a place, signed the contract, given the keys and able to move in when we want. Thanks to Yorka?s hard work and constant support.

    Author image
    Andrew Miles
  • Cici went above and beyond when it came to helping me both look for and secure an apartment. I first got in contact with her after a recommendation from a friend, and after seeing her impeccable work with said friend, I was absolutely sure Cici was the one I wanted to guide me through my own house hunting experience, and I'm so glad she did. It's clear she has the potential renter and their individual needs firmly in mind when finding potential housing and her sense for detail and fantastic personality makes a process, that could so easily be drawn out and frustrating, go by quickly, smoothly and with the utmost calm. I have already recommended her to a number of my friends and will continue to do so, I've got nothing but praise.

    Author image
    Therese Joensson
  • We have successfully found our new home in Hangzhou with many thanks to Cici for her patience and constant attention to finding our perfect home. We are very specific in having a home that is clean, tidy and well presented and despite showing us numerous villas we really liked none of them fulfilled all of our requirements. Cici listened to our objections and constantly aimed to improve the quality of what she was showing us, this is all Cici could do as once we reached the property it is down to the landlords to deliver a property that looks appealing to the tenants, listen to what the tenants requests are and either agree or not, many landlords would benefit greatly in following advice Cici's experience has allowed her. We look forward to working with Cici as we start our new life in Hangzhou. I have no trouble in recommending Cici or Robert of Real Estate in helping you find your next home. Many thanks.

    Author image
    Lynne Gittens
  • Agnes did a great job to help us finding a place to live in Hangzhou but she helped us for many others requests too (advices, translation....) She is professional, efficient and very helpful. She did everything perfectly. Thank you very much !

    Author image
    Lauranne & Nicolas Pouymonbrat
  • My wife and I have had a great experience with Plus and specially with Tina. We were struggling looking for a home in Hangzhou. Thanks to her we found what we were looking for. Tina is always willing to help and solve the different situations that may arise. Thank you.

    Author image
    Luis M..
  • I really want to highly praise Tinaa?s excellent service attitude and professionalism, which really made arriving in Hangzhou from abroad for me very smooth, inspite of the very strict quarantine regulations for newcomers from abroad amidst the Covid pandemic. Tina not only did an outstanding job in settling all administrative and preparation work that made moving into my rented apartment extra easy, but she also went out.of her way to arrange the delivery of some general household necessities that i could not go out to get myself due to the quarantine rules. Any open questions or topics I had were answered promptly and taken care of immediately and I am truly delighted by Tinaa?s strong customer oriented support. I am indeed a very pleased and happy client. Well done! Cheers. Wolfgang

    Author image
  • York was incredibly helpful. He had a pretty impossible task of finding us an apartment with enough outside space for all our dogs but also a landlord that would accept that! However, he exceeded our expectations with a beautiful apartment within the area we asked as well. Throughout the handover and signing process he was always available to answer any questions or queries it made finding a new apartment enjoyable again! Thank you York!

    Author image
    Rowena Minney
  • Agnes has been really helpful to me since moving to this apartment when I needed to get a new key for my room she helped me speak to the staff about my situation who couldnt speak much English. Having someone who's bilingual is very helpful at this stage when I'm in my early development of learning Chinese.

    Author image
    Jamie Heath
  • Cici is an amazing agent, she is helpful and is very organised. She knew exactly what I wanted when looking for an apartment, which made the process easier. Thank you Cici for your outstanding work

    Author image
  • Tina has been so helpful, she understood what I wanted, showed me around - negotiated a great deal and got the things I needed! Tina always provides a high service for her clients, supporting us to communicate with the landlord/and all other daily thing such as tv/internet/repairs etc couldna?t ask for a better service! ***highly recommend working with Tina for your housing needs! Thank you Tina

    Author image
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