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Compound Name   Beyond City
Pin Yin:liu he tian yu
Chinese Name:六合天寓
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No.1222,Dong Xin Da Dao
Rainbow City
Management Fee:Rmb 3.1/m2/Month
Hang Zhou
Asking Monthly Rental [Exclusive]
RMB 12000
RMB 12000 (Update)

Basic Info
High-Rise Apartment, Simplex,High Floor Zone
Size and Layout
145m2(square meter)
2 bedrooms,2 Bathroom
Combined Living and Dining Room
Detailed Layout
2 Family/Living Room
1 CoveredCarpark
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-Register Date:2018/9/10


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Living Room Living Room Kitchen Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Compound Infomation
Basic Info
Four river view buildings and one 32-story apartment tower concept,unit area are 85-260 square meters.
Clubhouse Facilities
Swimming pool outdoor
Children Facilities
Children's traning center
Century Markert

Leasing Agent
Cici ,,13093703130  

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ID:20254 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 142 10000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:19815 Beyond City 4 bedrooms/2Bath 175 13000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:19678 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 142 10000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:19640 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 9000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:19621 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 7500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:19515 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 178 12000Rmb/Month Check Status
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