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Compound Name   Legend City
Pin Yin:shi mao li jing cheng
Chinese Name:世贸丽晶城
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Tian Mu Shan Rd & Jiao Gong Rd
Yellow Dragon Stadium Living Area
Xi Hu District
Management Fee:Rmb 2.1/m2/Month
Hang Zhou
Asking Monthly Rental [Exclusive]
RMB 6000
RMB 5700 (Update)

Basic Info
High-Rise Apartment, Simplex,Low Floor Zone
Size and Layout
100m2(square meter)
3 bedrooms,1 Bathroom
Separate Living and Dining Room
Detailed Layout
1 Family/Living Room
1 Study Room
1 Balconies
1 Utility Room
1 Uncovered Carparks
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-Database Reference Number:PL000065
-Register Date:2016/2/3


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Living Room Kitchen Dinning Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom Bathrooms-Master Bathroom

Features: (Compound Album)
-There is a light view of the greenery besides the buildings in the neighbourhood.
Internal Condition
-Study room has a built-in desk and a generous amount of shelves and cabinets.
Compound Infomation
Basic Info

.Located at North of Tianmushan Road and East of Jiao Gong Road,West Of Zhe Jiang Univercity Xi Xi Campus,Close to Huang Long Stadium
.It Includs Chu Yang Yuan,Xi Xia Yuan,Bao Shi Yuan,Yu Quan Yuan,and Wang Hu Yuan.
.The Main Layout is 88sqms 2 bedrooms and 128for 3 bedrooms
Clubhouse Facilities
Children Facilities
child playground,sliding board

Leasing Agent
Robert ,,13805760599  

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ID:11252 Legend City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 135 15000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:11251 Legend City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 160 13000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:10940 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 4300Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:10938 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 35.5 4500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:10755 Legend City 3 bedrooms/1Bath 102 6000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:10736 Legend City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 82 6500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:10371 Legend City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 210 20000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:10264 Legend City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 7000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:9562 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 42 4500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:7663 Legend City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 120 7000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:7660 Legend City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 113 14000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:7659 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 85 9000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:7658 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 76 9000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:5384 Legend City 4 bedrooms/2Bath 149 10000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:5284 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 55 6500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:5281 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 115 15000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:4815 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 79 8500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:3033 Legend City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 88 5000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2992 Legend City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 134 12000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2922 Legend City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 143 10000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2852 Legend City 4 bedrooms/2Bath 149 10000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2845 Legend City 5 bedrooms/2Bath 160 12000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2815 Legend City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 70 6500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2698 Legend City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 80 5000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2672 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 55 5500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2660 Legend City 4 bedrooms/2Bath 160 16000Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2655 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 45 4500Rmb/Month Check Status
ID:2589 Legend City 2 bedrooms/2Bath 90 11000Rmb/Month Check Status
Average Monthly Rental Per Square Meter:RMB 74.63


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