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11181 Jun Shang Jin Zuo PINNED Binjiang 2 bedrooms/2Bath 100M2 / 1076.39 FT2 RMB 6500/Month  RMB 7500/Month Check Status
19180 Tian Hong Jun Yi PINNED Bin Jiang District 4 bedrooms/3Bath 260M2 / 2798.62 FT2 RMB 20000/Month  RMB 22000/Month Check Status
19703 Ocean Mansion PINNED Gong shu district 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90M2 / 968.75 FT2 RMB 6200/Month  RMB 6200/Month Check Status
22042 Lunasea Xiaoshan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 106M2 / 1140.97 FT2 RMB 7800/Month  RMB 7800/Month Check Status
22031 wisdom world/wisdom valley Binjiang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 200M2 / 2152.78 FT2 RMB 16000/Month  RMB 16000/Month Check Status
22030 wisdom tower Binjiang 1 bedroom/1Bath 46M2 / 495.14 FT2 RMB 5000/Month  RMB 5000/Month Check Status
22026 Qian Tang Da Guan Binjiang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 230M2 / 2475.70 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 14500/Month Check Status
22008 TaiHeGuangChang Uptown 3 bedrooms/2Bath 138M2 / 1485.42 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 9500/Month Check Status
21981 Heart of Hua Xia Yuhang 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89M2 / 957.99 FT2 RMB 7000/Month  RMB 7000/Month Check Status
21971 Chun Jiang Hua Yue Binjiang 2 bedrooms/1Bath 105M2 / 1130.21 FT2 RMB 8000/Month  RMB 8000/Month Check Status
21959 Pheonix City Shangcheng District 4 bedrooms/2Bath 145M2 / 1560.77 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 8300/Month Check Status
21952 Star Avenue Apartment BinJiang District 1 bedroom/1Bath 72M2 / 775.00 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 4800/Month Check Status
21951 Metropolis Mansion Xiaoshan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 51M2 / 548.96 FT2 RMB 5800/Month  RMB 5800/Month Check Status
21942 Mao Yu Ju Binjiang 1 bedroom/1Bath 88M2 / 947.22 FT2 RMB 7000/Month  RMB 7000/Month Check Status
21941 Magnetic Capital Xiaoshan 4 bedrooms/2Bath 139M2 / 1496.18 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 12500/Month Check Status
21936 wisdom world/wisdom valley Binjiang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158M2 / 1700.70 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 10000/Month Check Status
21935 Rainbow city Binjiang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158M2 / 1700.70 FT2 RMB 11000/Month  RMB 11000/Month Check Status
21933 Rainbow city Binjiang 4 bedrooms/3Bath 200M2 / 2152.78 FT2 RMB 14000/Month  RMB 14000/Month Check Status
21906 Tian Hong Jun Yi Bin Jiang District 3 bedrooms/2Bath 135M2 / 1453.13 FT2 RMB 6500/Month  RMB 6500/Month Check Status
21899 Crystal City Binjiang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 89M2 / 957.99 FT2 RMB 9000/Month  RMB 9000/Month Check Status
21885 Hui Feng Apartment Xi Hu District 1 bedroom/1Bath 40M2 / 430.56 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 3900/Month Check Status
21877 Century Light Xiaoshan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 110M2 / 1184.03 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 7500/Month Check Status
21860 Magnetic Capital Xiaoshan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 107M2 / 1151.74 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 8500/Month Check Status
21812 Magnetic Capital Xiaoshan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 117M2 / 1259.38 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 10500/Month Check Status
21788 Guan Di International Bin Jiang District 4 bedrooms/2Bath 158M2 / 1700.70 FT2 RMB 9500/Month  RMB 9500/Month Check Status
21786 Crystal Pavilion Binjiang 5 bedrooms/4Bath 378M2 / 4068.76 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 38000/Month Check Status
21780 The Dreamland Uptown 3 bedrooms/3Bath 210M2 / 2260.42 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 16500/Month Check Status
21779 Qian Tang Shan Shui Binjiang 4 bedrooms/2Bath 158M2 / 1700.70 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 10000/Month Check Status
21761 wisdom tower Binjiang 1 bedroom/1Bath 42M2 / 452.08 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 4500/Month Check Status
21756 wisdom tower Binjiang 2 bedrooms/1Bath 50M2 / 538.20 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 5050/Month Check Status
21755 Wan Jia Hua Cheng Westlake 3 bedrooms/2Bath 89M2 / 957.99 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 5300/Month Check Status
21739 Lunasea Xiaoshan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 89M2 / 957.99 FT2 RMB 0/Month  RMB 6500/Month Check Status
21732 Ease Sky Plaza Binjiang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150M2 / 1614.59 FT2 RMB 5900/Month  RMB 5900/Month Check Status

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