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Yu Hang District
Size:167 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 862 days ago by Agent:richard

Kitchen Bathrooms-Master Bathroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

richard's comments:
I was very pleased with the service I received from Richard! He was prompt and knowledgeable, as well as being easy to to do business with because of his bi-lingual capability. I would definitely recommend his company to others! ----[David Clarke][2019/12/17][Country:United States]|

Richard has successfully and smoothly found us a rental apartment in Hangzhou. First, he showed us several apartments according to our wishes. Within a day, we found an apartment that we liked. Next, Richard helped us take care of the rental contract, payment and utilities. He also made sure that the communication with the landlord went smoothly. Finally, Richard remained available to us for further questions. For example, through WeChat, he helped us register at the police station and even with ordering a new (soft) mattress for the bed. Thank you, Richard, for all your help. We're happy to recommend your services to anyone looking to rent in Hangzhou!----[Wim][2019/10/22][Country:Belgium]|

----[Kathleen bridget][2019/10/8][Country:United States]|

Richard has been so helpful in helping us find exactly what we were looking for in an apartment. I would strongly recommend using his services if you are looking for a place to live as a foreign in Hangzhou. He introduced us to the different areas and showed us where the good food, subway, gym and shops were. We were very specific on our requirements and he had a lot of patience for us. It was a pleasure dealing with him. ----[Brandon][2019/9/11][Country:South Africa]|

Richard was the best agent for us. He kept updating housing information and getting us feedback very promptly even while we were away from China. There will not be any hesitating to choose him if we have look for a house another time. ----[Heeyoung McLaughlin][2019/9/5][Country:South Korea]|

Richard provided an excellent and extremely timely service to me. He understood exactly what my housing needs were and we were able to find an apartment within two days that I was exceedingly happy with. I would happily recommend Richard to anyone in the future!----[Peter Moore][2019/9/5][Country:South Africa]|

Richard is an absolute gem of a person. He communicates clearly and is always on time. Patient and resourceful, he took the time and trouble to navigate the public transport terrain in Hangzhou for my wife and I so we could have the ideal living location as we both work on opposite ends of Yuhang district. Richard actually gave up on a higher commission to recommend a more comfortable and spacious unit. This is the mark of a true professional who has his clients' comfort and convenience in mind. I could not recommend Richard enough! ----[Suresh][2019/9/5][Country:Malaysia]|

----[Tom moore][2019/9/4][Country:United States]|

He is a very helpful and kind guy besides he can speak English. He helped me to find the suitable apartment for me according to my budget as well as checking the contract and check that every thing related to the landlord is okay and verified. Also, he helped me to go to the police office and changing my address to the new home. I really appreciate his help and recommend him to every foreigner needs to find a good and comfotable accommodation ----[Mohamed Ahmed Elbadawy][2019/5/25][Country:Egypt]|

richard's Listings:
21492 Fulixixiyueju 4 bedrooms/2Bath 138 9000Rmb/Month  
21509 Hopetown 3 bedrooms/2Bath 167 6000Rmb/Month  
21553 Moon Mansion 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 5300Rmb/Month  
21554 legend west 3 bedrooms/1Bath 90 5300Rmb/Month  
21555 City Impress 3 bedrooms/1Bath 117 5000Rmb/Month  
21565 Yao Jiang Wen Ding Yuan 2 bedrooms/2Bath 105 7000Rmb/Month  
21572 Wan Tong Center 1 bedroom/1Bath 50 3200Rmb/Month  
21578 Moon Mansion 3 bedrooms/1Bath 90 5300Rmb/Month  
21582 Dream of butterfly 2 bedrooms/1Bath 137 10000Rmb/Month  
21599 Hopetown 3 bedrooms/2Bath 137 5500Rmb/Month  
21603 Fuli new park 3 bedrooms/2Bath 90 5700Rmb/Month  
21606 Langyueju 4 bedrooms/2Bath 160 10000Rmb/Month  
21619 Zhegang bay internationl 2 bedrooms/1Bath 45 4000Rmb/Month  
21620 Hopetown 3 bedrooms/2Bath 160 6500Rmb/Month  
21643 Zhegang bay internationl 2 bedrooms/1Bath 45 4100Rmb/Month  
21644 Zhong Tian Xi Cheng Ji Apartment 1 bedroom/1Bath 45 3850Rmb/Month  
21645 zhegang international 2 bedrooms/1Bath 4000 4000Rmb/Month  
21696 Xixi new city 1 bedroom/1Bath 50 4100Rmb/Month  
21701 xinmin island 5 bedrooms/4Bath 250 1200Rmb/Month  


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