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Working with the highest levels of professionalism, efficiency and discretion, York has gained a strong reputation as one of Hangzhou's ‘go to’ expat property agents. He listens carefully to his clients’ needs and quickly identifies properties that are a perfect match. Often completing cases within only a week, York helps his clients save both time and money through precision property searching, skilful negotiating and efficient closing.
York's comments:
The service I received from York was very professional. With great local knowledge and responsive service, he managed to find an apartment very suitable for my needs. I would truly recommend York as an agent to anyone who is either in or relocating to Hangzhou.----[Hong areum][2021/12/30][Country:South Korea]|

York found us the perfect property, offered sound advice and negotiated hard on our behalf to secure the property at the right price. We found him to be professional, conscientious and always available.----[Giselle Salinas][2021/12/30][Country:United States]|

Thank you York. You are very efficient.👏👏👍 Thanks for all the hard works.Well done!----[RIVERA VICTOR CHRISTIAN][2021/12/30][Country:United States]|

Though we entcountered some trouble on the furniture moving issues but York did a lot of negotiation for us and solved the problem well in the end and we had a great time living in the apartment he found us. will always reccomend York to anyone needs apartment in Hangzhou. ----[Lenning Marcus][2021/12/30][Country:United States]|

He was a kind and available agent, who helped me during the look out of an apartment and after the rental has been finalized. I had many issues with the house after rental and he always helped to solve any problem reducing the discomfort of a great deal. Thank you ----[Clemente Samuele][2021/12/27][Country:Italy]|

York was great as an agent. I was fortunate to not have any big issues this past year but even for the minor things York was available and always willing to help resolve any minor problems that did come up. I appreciated knowing that if I needed anything I or my school could contact York to help. I know that he talked with my school about the fapiao for my rent.----[Tim][2021/12/27][Country:United States]|

York was very helpful and continued to be the whole time. He did a great job and I recommend him to others. ----[Scott B][2021/12/25][Country:Russia]|

York is an amazing agent who goes beyond what is required of him. There has never been a time this year when York hasn’t been able to help me or my friends. If there are any new teachers coming to Hangzhou, York is the first and only agent I would recommend to them. ----[Brad Dixon][2021/12/24][Country:South Africa]|

York was always available and efficient. Great job----[Raquel Moreira][2021/11/5][Country:Portugal]|

York was great in finding us the perfect home in a very short time, he really understood what we were looking for and found a great match. He also was very helpful in assisting us with moving and settling down. The only suggestion I would make to improve would be to find better movers as our experience was not great with them - but this is not really his fault----[Andrea][2021/11/2][Country:Italy]|

When we were in a hurry to find the right apartment this summer we contacted HousingPlus for help. York was always 100% responsive and organized several options - according to our specific wishes -only hours after my request was sent. He was friendly, guided us professionally through the whole process of finding a new apartment and after only 3 days we had a signed contract. Also the moving in process was smooth and convenient. York was always at our side and supported us wherever he could. We are very happy working with HousingPlus and York. ----[Simone][2021/11/1][Country:Germany]|

Thank you York you and Robert are very supportive! ----[Simone][2021/10/31][Country:Germany]|

York is a very efficient agent, he works hard and he provides the best service. He worked hard to find what I was looking for and made sure I find it in the time frame that I have given him. He understands foreigners and he understands how demanding foreigners can be but he still works hard to meet our demands.I would definately recommend him to anyone who is looking for a house. Keep it up York!! ----[Mbali][2021/9/2][Country:Russia]|

Sorry for late update. York was very nice and helpful. He always replied my message in time and gave me useful suggestions. I would like to recommend him to my friends. ----[Xiao][2021/8/13][Country:China]|

Always available to assist me with anything I require, extremely willing to help with any questions I have; and goes above and beyond to give me any information I might require. I’m a foreigner in a country where I don’t speak the language well, and York is very kind and patient by helping me with what would be stupid questions for anyone else. I’ve been extremely grateful for him and all his help! THANK YOU!----[Nani Smit][2021/7/28][Country:South Africa]|

I was looking for a comfortable home close to my new school and I presented York (Plus Housin) with a long list of requirements. York was not only able to find me the perfect apartment, he was able to deal with all the criteria changes I presented to him. He delivered above and beyond and truly made my home hunting and settling in a breeze. York helped me with arranging a moving company, setting up my Wi-Fi, changing my delivery address and so much more. I would strongly recommend York and the compassionate team at Plus Housing to anyone looking to move to a new apartment/home.----[Hermanus][2021/7/27][Country:South Africa]|


York helped to search for apartments in Hangzhou on two occasions. Once late last year and again this year. He was always very helpful accommodating and patient. He arranged for me to view a number of apartments in different parts of the city until we found a place that was suitable for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again if and when I decide to move again. ----[Mark Flynn][2021/6/1][Country:Ireland]|

I would like to thank York for his help. He quickly found a suitable flat that met all requirements, helped with communication with the landlord, filling out the contract, and answered all questions----[Kate][2021/4/28][Country:Russia]|

York was incredibly helpful. He had a pretty impossible task of finding us an apartment with enough outside space for all our dogs but also a landlord that would accept that! However, he exceeded our expectations with a beautiful apartment within the area we asked as well. Throughout the handover and signing process he was always available to answer any questions or queries it made finding a new apartment enjoyable again! Thank you York! ----[Rowena Minney][2021/3/30][Country:United Kingdom]|

和小林合作非常高效非常愉快 希望能多多合作!!----[忆安酒店][2021/3/29][Country:China]|

 York went above and beyond helping me find a suitable flat and setting up life in Hangzhou. Highly recommend.----[Philip][2021/2/3][Country:United Kingdom]|

York Lin behaviour was amazing and he really help me a lot on my process to get an apartment, and even later, he was willing and always ready to help me with any issue I could have related to the apartment, contract or landlord. ----[Jorge][2021/1/29][Country:Spain]|

York 帮我在最短的时间内顺利的找好的房子,住了一年非常满意,谢谢York同学。说好的一起喝酒,赶紧安排!----[Justin][2021/1/28][Country:Canada]|

York had all the qualities I needed from an agent and did a great job in searching for a new home. Perfect English, informative, patient and caring. Well done thx!----[David][2021/1/28][Country:France]|

York has been helpful &professional.Found me some really good options and translated well to remove language barrier with landlord. good job!----[Philip][2021/1/21][Country:Ireland]|

York helped me and my family organize and plan our move from Tianjin to Hangzhou. He was not only friendly, courteous and helpful. He was a true professional. If I am to ever move back to Hangzhou or anywhere in the surrounding area York will be the first person I call to organize that process again. Thank You Again,----[LaWayne McGhee][2021/1/15][Country:United States]|

York was a life saver during my move to Hangzhou and during my unexpected return to the USA. COVID 19 cut my time in China short and York quickly arranged all the logistics for my move back to the states. Professional, efficient, and clear communication throughout. ----[Elijah Maletz][2021/1/13][Country:United States]|

York is a fantastic agent who went above and beyond what he was required to do to help me when I was renting through him. He was courteous and great at communicating the entire time. Fantastic agent and should be an example for others who are helping foreigners rent in China----[matt hollon][2021/1/13][Country:United States]|

An 100% customer oriented and true gentleman..eager to assist clients with all the requirements without even single hesitation in hearing our needs. Gem of an anchor in his role and I truely recommend York for all your housing services. My sincere thanks to him for all the help provided 😌🤠----[Sandeep Dudi][2021/1/13][Country:India]|

Professional agent. Helped us with our current apartment. 5th apartment in China and so far the best one. Thanks York.----[Qingsen recruitment][2021/1/13][Country:China]|

Thanks for the help and support while I was stuck outside of China, and for going out of your way to help me find where my bike had been put when I got back. 😊🙏⚘----[Ashleigh][2021/1/13][Country:Australia]|

York was very helpful throughout the process, from hunting the apartment, negotiating, communicating with the landlord and signing the contract. I've recommended him to some friends, and they are all satisfied with his service too! Very reliable agent. I'd recommend him million times. ----[Endry][2021/1/13][Country:Indonesia]|

Very professional, knowledgeable and cooperative professional. York is very hard working and helpful. ----[Greg Dening][2021/1/12][Country:Australia]|

York is fantastic! Very helpful with any issues and very fast at replying, his English is fluent. I have only good things to say about York and thank you to him for his help! ----[Callum][2020/12/10][Country:United Kingdom]|

It’s very difficult to find an apartment in China but when you have an agent like York, every thing becomes so much easier. Not only did he find me the ideal apartment in the perfect building but he facilitated the entire process professionally. I highly recommend contacting York to find your next apartment! ----[Devan][2020/11/30][Country:South Africa]|

Did a great job in helping me find an apartment; only took a day or so to find the apartment that I liked! ----[Simon][2020/11/15][Country:United Kingdom]|

When I needed to move as soon as possible. I asked York to find an apartment. Not only did he found several options withing a few hours it was also exactly the location and apartment I was looking for. He helped me out quickly showed different apartments and also helped out with some questions we had atter we moved. With all the housing company scams going on lately we only trust this company! Thank you York!----[Shiva Hermsen][2020/11/2][Country:Netherlands]|

York is a great agent. Patient, informative and tentative to details of what the client is looking for. It's been a pleasure having him assist me in finding an apartment. 10/10!! I'll definitely recommend him and the company to friends. ----[Tan][2020/10/30][Country:South Africa]|

York is amazing!!! From introducin' the neighborhoods to negotiating with the landlord to go-on support, he is phenomenal! I recommend every expat use him.----[harry][2020/10/27][Country:United Kingdom]|

York was a great agent he showed me the places I wanted to see that fit my requirements. such as being close to my girlfriend and within my budget. He also spoke well and gave me advice on what to do. I always felt like he was on my side during negotiations with landlords. would recommend him.----[Kawin Jack Sherwin][2020/9/30][Country:United Kingdom]|

Fast and friendly service, helped me find a great apartment with all the requirements I asked for. Thanks York 5 stars!!!----[Matt][2020/8/28][Country:South Africa]|

York was very professional. He listened to my criteria and took me to see several suitable apartments. After I had chosen an apartment he helped negotiate the terms of my contract and even helped with the installation of the internet at my place. I will highly recommend him to friends in the future. ----[Matthew Kelsey][2020/7/31][Country:United Kingdom]|

York was a great help. He helped us find a ice place.. and also helped to mediate between us and the landlord to make sure all needs are communicated well. He demeanor is very pleasant and he seem to get a sense of the customers needs very quickly----[Divya][2020/7/1][Country:India]|

York was really helpful despite the tight turnaround time we had to find an apartment. He’s taken care of most of the logistics in terms of the contract, and aiding with other issues so I appreciate him for that.----[Josh][2020/6/30][Country:United Kingdom]|

通过小林租了一套房子。 全程服务到位, 帮我们耐心谈价格,处理各种事情。非常靠谱的一个小伙子。----[鲁文静][2020/6/30][Country:Canada]|

Really have no complaints. York has been very helpful and patient in helping me find an apartment I like. Most of the houses he showed me were of good standard. He’s been very helpful post- apartment signing as well. ----[Owen Nathan][2020/6/23][Country:Australia]|

Couldn’t be more satisfied with the fabulous service provided by York! Was recommended him by many friends and I am so grateful for his help over the past few weeks. I felt overwhelmed about moving out, especially to somewhere alone as this is the first time. He was patient, understanding and took everything I asked for into consideration. He went above and beyond to ensure my requests were met. He found me the most perfect apartment (first one we even viewed) and I couldn’t have done this transition without his support!! Would highly suggest anybody wanting to move or find an apartment to contact to contact York. He is efficient, friendly, reassuring and reliable. I appreciate your help greatly :) ----[Amber][2020/5/28][Country:United Kingdom]|


Very good service, always willing to help and do extra or more than is required.----[Chara de Goede][2020/5/10][Country:South Africa]|

York has been very help all the time. He is extremely patient and explained a lot to me. And he took me to the police station for registration. Thank you York for so much help , will recommend u all my friends who are in need !----[Chara][2020/4/24][Country:South Africa]|

York has been such a tremendous help from beginning to end, China needs more people like him! He is fantastic at what he does and helpful is an understatement as he is genuine and kindhearted as well. Myself and my partner Simoné will recommend him to anyone who seeks to find their lovely new apartment as he will make it happen for you i have no doubt about it. I wish there was a rating system out of 10 because i would give him 20. Thank you York so much from the bottom of our hearts,you have no idea what it means to us especially being foreigners in a different country, you treated us with utmost respect and kindness, which we will never forget and we surely would like to repay you for your kindness one day in the near future. ----[Robert James Murtagh][2020/3/31][Country:South Africa]|

I was more than satisfied with the service York has provided. I was really glad that we could communicate without any issues. He’s a friendly, helpful person. Thank you York. ----[John][2020/3/6][Country:Russia]|

York helpped me find an apartment when I was overseas, he did a great job in doing so----[Ahmed][2020/2/25][Country:Canada]|


Very helpful when viewing apartments. ----[Kevin][2019/12/30][Country:China]|

York is professional and friendly. His English is fantastic and answered any question I had about any of the apartments he showed me. He is funny and did a great job finding apartments suited to my needs in Hangzhou. I would definitely recommend York to any of my friends looking for a house in Hangzhou. Thanks York!----[Adam Coombes][2019/12/27][Country:United Kingdom]|

York and Plus help us find an apartment in extremely high efficiency and they did o lot of preparing work for us so we can move in smoothly. Thanks very much !----[Victoria][2019/11/27][Country:United States]|

York is super helpful and he has helped me find home twice ! It’s so lucky to have such an professional agent when you move to a new place. A thousand thanks to York and his team~ ----[Kamyla][2019/10/25][Country:United States]|

Very good and very helpful agent ! I highly recommend his service ! He speaks good English and is reactive to any message you send. Thanks to him I found my apartment in less than 48h in Hangzhou. ----[Sophie][2019/9/6][Country:France]|

----[David Dominique][2019/9/4][Country:France]|

----[Donagh Philip][2019/9/4][Country:Ireland]|

----[Kamyla Davis][2019/9/4][Country:United States]|

----[Langley Callum Luke][2019/9/4][Country:United Kingdom]|

----[SCHLILTE MOLLY ELIZABETH][2019/9/4][Country:United States]|

York is a fantastic agent. Very professional and prompt with answering questions. He went out of his way to help me find a place that worked for me. 10/10----[Matt Hollon][2019/8/10][Country:United States]|

I found the perfect flat quite fast and efficient. York was a great help from the beginning and really nice during the whole process.----[Jorge][2019/7/31][Country:Spain]|

----[Elijah][2019/7/31][Country:United States]|

----[Sandeep dudi][2019/7/31][Country:India]|

I have recently found an apartment through York's help. I found him to be friendly and he's a professional agent. Has been very helpful from the beginning. I had a lot of questions and demands (including the negotiations) 😅 but York was able to obtain all that quickly. Also helped me figuring out the best location that isn't too far from my work place and close to downtown, from my own experience, agents normally don't care about that, but he did! Truly appreciate his help and I would recommend everyone to contact him! He makes things convenient for us foreigners. ----[Endry][2019/7/12][Country:Indonesia]|

York is nice is professonal, speaks really good English , i found an ideal apartment smoothly with his help; really enjoy the time spending with York----[Chris][2019/7/11][Country:Canada]|


York is really nice and helpful and he helped me find an beautiful home in high efficiency, really pleasant corporation ----[Sandra][2019/5/27][Country:Philippines]|

York非常认真负责,搜房效率很高,也很符合我们的需求,所以很快找到了房子,后续和房东沟通接洽事宜也处理的很及时有效,很感谢York的团队帮我们找到了满意的家。----[Fan Chen][2019/4/21][Country:China]|

York was fantastic, very helpful and friendly and he really helped me find what I needed with great efficiency. He was fun to talk to and easy to ask questions. I didn’t feel under pressure at any point to choice too quickly. Thank you to York, a great person! ----[Carmen Emily Blow][2019/3/15][Country:United Kingdom]|

York was great with us. Reliable and always responds to messages fast. Told him what we were looking for, how many rooms, location and price range. He sent over many different apartments, we went and viewed them and found one we really liked that matched all of our criteria.. within 3 days, from having no apartment yet, we had found a place, signed the contract, given the keys and able to move in when we want. Thanks to York’s hard work and constant support. ----[Andrew Miles][2019/3/12][Country:South Africa]|

York's Listings:
21564 Ju Feng Apartment 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 3800Rmb/Month  
21635 jialvxiyuan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 117 6500Rmb/Month  
21658 LanZuanTianCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 69 4700Rmb/Month  
21770 glorious city 4 bedrooms/3Bath 160 15000Rmb/Month  
21885 Hui Feng Apartment 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 3900Rmb/Month  
22025 lechuang city 2 bedrooms/2Bath 45 4600Rmb/Month  
22059 Lvzhongshangye Center 2 bedrooms/1Bath 50 4400Rmb/Month  
22061 wentaochengyuan 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 3200Rmb/Month  
22081 Lvzhongshangye Center 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 3800Rmb/Month  
22082 Lvzhongshangye Center 2 bedrooms/1Bath 50 4800Rmb/Month  
22083 Lvzhongshangye Center 2 bedrooms/1Bath 50 4800Rmb/Month  


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