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Sam, you have been very helpful in finding both apartments. Location of both appartment does justice to rentals paid by us. 1st one was in Nanshan road - best place to live in Hangzhou, and other one in Jichang road - economical yet well connected. Thanks for all the help.----[Abhishek][2016/6/27][Country:India]|

When I looked some apartment for rent, I found the agent Sam and he helped me! In 1 day he showed me few really nice apartment and one of them I rent now thans to Sam for organizing and professionalism! If you wanna rent good apartment in good area quickly just call to Sam!----[Kristina][2016/3/25][Country:Russia]|

Sam doesn’t joke around when it comes to the efficiency of his service. My case is the following. I booked a hotel in Hangzhou before my planned arrival in order to look for a real apartment with time on the premises. I don’t know how I missed it but it turned out that the hotel I booked did not serve foreigners after all. So I was left standing in the hotel lobby with my heavy luggage and had no idea where to go next. Then I messaged Sam and in no time he arranged me an apartment with affordable price from less than 600 meter away from my original location. We simply carried my luggage there after which I started living at my new apartment. Sam’s way of working indicates professionalism and good will. I would recommend Sam to anybody who wants to get apartment from Hangzhou. And it seems like if you are in a hurry, Sam is your man. TL:TR Great service, good will, excellent English.----[Aleksi][2016/3/4][Country:Finland]|

I've a few experiences looking for apartments so far, and I can say he is the best ever. He knew what I exactly wanted and showed me some options so that I could choose. Even though I had time limit to find apartment, he helped me so much and I could sign up before I left for a while. Even after I signed up the paper,whenever I had questions and requests, he always found the way how I could fix it. I strongly recommend him! He never disappoint you.----[Kim][2016/2/26][Country:South Korea]|

Sam is incredibly helpful and responsive in meeting our needs. If there is ever something I need help with or have a question, I shoot Sam a Wechat or TXT message and he responds within 10 minutes! I have never once felt there was an issue that Sam did not address with his full and prompt attention. Definitely pick him if you are ever in need of housing in Hangzhou, you will be glad you did.----[Justin H.][2016/1/1][Country:United States]|

Sam, it was a great pleasure to know you. Great and super fast service, just one day and one apartment you showed and I could finalize same day. Best part is after sales service, I still talk to you for my needs here, thank you. I would suggest to all my friends whoever need any support in Hangzhou.----[Bala][2015/12/31][Country:India]|

Sam is really nice, He dealt with the problem in a highly professional way。----[Susie(丁香医生)][2015/12/31][Country:China]|

Sam was extremely professional every step of the way. Before I even relocated to Hangzhou, I messaged Sam and told him everything from what I could afford to where I needed to be located. Sam set up an appointment my first day in Hangzhou, and came prepared with multiple apartments to view. He gave me his honest opinion, and informed me of aspects that might be different from my home country as it relates to the lease. I found an apartment the first day because of Sam! He continues to check up on me to make sure everything is still working out. He even took my roommate and I to the police station to register! If I ever need another apartment in Hangzhou, I am going straight to, Sam!----[Brandon][2015/10/28][Country:United States]|

Hi, Sam is a great guy. He quickly helped me and a friend to find a wonderful apartment within the budget we specified, and in the general area that we wanted to live. I recommend him to you as an agent.----[Derek Watson][2015/10/28][Country:United Kingdom]|

Sam helped be find exactly what I wanted and quickly. He respected my budget and only showed me properties I was interested in. He went above the call of duty and even helped me move. He carried many of my boxes for me, arranged transportation and negotiated with the landlord on my behalf. Even after moving, Sam continues to check in on me, help me with repairs, maintenance and other apartment needs. I would recommend him to anyone!----[Shawn][2015/10/22][Country:United States]|

Sam is an excellent agent. He is versed in the real estate business and his English is very good. He is honest and straight forward. I recommend him and have recommended to others in my company. ----[Halvard Midelfort][2015/10/7][Country:United States]|

iam very glade to share this i would like to this service , exspecialy Mr,sam doing good ,and his way of apoachment is good, i will refer my friend who will wwant to apprtment or visa anything i will give your service contact details.----[Ram][2015/9/24][Country:India]|

I found Sam and this company through a friend. I was fortunate because I only had 5 days to look for a place after arriving in Hangzhou two weeks ago. With Sam's help I was able to find a place that I liked in two days. The other agents I spoke to weren't very responsive and I had a difficult time communicating because they couldn't speak any English and I couldn't speak any Chinese. But this was not a problem as Sam spoke English very well and was very helpful and reliable even after I got the place. Thank you.----[Josh][2015/9/24][Country:United States]|

Sam was extremely helpful with looking for an apartment. I especially appreciated his straight-forwardness and friendly attitutude. He also recommended a good Chinese sci-fi book to me, for which I am grateful :)----[Ara][2015/9/23][Country:Finland]|

Very cooperative and Superb service level----[Sumit][2015/9/21][Country:India]|

I met Sam during my home search and now he is one of the my best friends in China. He helped me not even in getting home but even after that on others things as well.Wherever I had any problem regarding any issues I always found him with solutions. Between me and him it's not a relation like a broker agent and client,it's like a friend who will always b with you to help you.Thanks Sam.----[Sanjay Rawat][2015/8/5][Country:India]|

Hi, Sam is a very nice person and very friendly because of him we were able to get Home in one of the most happening area of town. Location was our priority which he understood very well and made us available home just above west lake. Being and Indian and not knowing Chinese is a big problem here but when ever in 24 hrs I call Sam just to translate when get stuck because of language issues he always help us. He made arrangement for all other utilities like wifi foreign channels everything in just a call. China is a difficult geography to live in but not when you get people like Sam. Many thanks Sam ----[Puja Musahib][2015/7/6][Country:India]|

I real appreciate the work your doing together with your company real you got have nice appartment and you always at right time when your needed real i congratulates you Sam for the work your doing and for nice and fantastic house you gave me----[Samson plus Gervas][2015/6/3][Country:Tanzania]|

Sam is my real estate agent and he found me a place in China within a day. Perfectly suited to my requirements. Matching my location, standard and cost of rent requests. Not only this but he also offers ongoing support in case of any unforeseen issues who need to be resolved. Viel Spass hier in China ... ----[Norman][2015/6/2][Country:Australia]|

Sam was so interactive and he understood my requirement and helped me in getting apartment. He helped me in getting the internet connection and showed me the shopping places near new apartment. Even after getting apartment he helping me to get the things to be done. ----[Rajesh Dhanapal][2015/4/26][Country:India]|

Sam did a great job! He took care of everything in a timely and appropriate fashion, and he's continuing to do so as I finish moving in. I'm very satisfied.----[Andrew][2015/4/26][Country:United States]|

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