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Robert provides friendly, accurate and effective customer service to help his clients successfully lease properties throughout Hangzhou. Robert¨s motivation and determination have enabled him to often exceed his clients¨ expectations and build a strong trusting client network.
Robert is a passionate and dedicated agent, who believes there is always a suitable apartment for everyone. He is fluent in English and Putonghua ,Having worked in Real estate service for over Seven years in Hangzhou , Robert understands that timing is of the essence in the property industry, and is eager to provide prompt and accurate assistance to fulfill the requirements of his clients.
Robert is the founder of PLUS Relocation ,he was born in Tong Lu ,a county of Hangzhou,1983, graduate from Ning Bo university 2005,after one year working in the U.S. Brand Real Estate Agency `Century 21¨ He start his own business at 2006,PLUS,Now, the PLUS real estate becomes the Best and Biggest Real Estate leasing agency (Expatriates Only) in Hang zhou.

Bin Jiang Jin Mao Fu
Size:142 m2
Layout:4 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 769 days ago by Agent:Robert

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Rainbow Luxury
Size:89 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/1Bath
Updated 770 days ago by Agent:Robert

Living Room Living Room Internal Condition

Size:68 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 791 days ago by Agent:Robert

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Jin Du Hua Fu
Shang Chen District
Size:143 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 790 days ago by Agent:Robert

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Jin Du Hua Fu
Shang Chen District
Size:137 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 791 days ago by Agent:Robert

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Size:50 m2
Layout:2 bedrooms/1Bath
Updated 804 days ago by Agent:Robert

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

International shipping
Serviced Apartment
Uptown District
Size:50 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 798 days ago by Agent:Robert

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Jiang Bin Lan Ting
Size:58 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 809 days ago by Agent:Robert

Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Internal Condition Internal Condition

Size:89 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/1Bath
Updated 1407 days ago by Agent:Robert

Living Room Dinning Room Kitchen

Size:139 m2
Layout:4 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 1407 days ago by Agent:Robert

Living Room Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Yu Hang District
Size:151 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/1Bath
Updated 943 days ago by Agent:Robert

Living Room Living Room Dinning Room

Oriental Royal
Size:268 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/3Bath
Updated 413 days ago by Agent:Robert

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom

Yuan Yang Guo Ji Jin Zuo
Size:49 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 1448 days ago by Agent:Robert

Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Euro America Center International Apartment EAC
Xi Hu District
Size:45 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 1462 days ago by Agent:Robert

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Kitchen

Wan Tong Center
Size:75 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 1467 days ago by Agent:Robert

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Robert's comments:
I appreciated so much for Robert¨s support from the beginning rental place sourcing plus his professional service dealing with property management team. I would definitely recommend him to other people who has the similar needs. ----[Regis][2021/2/2][Country:France]|

Very good service - English speaking service members. They do not try to fool you. Reliable and punctual, probably one of the best realtors in town. Was recommended to me as well, helped me to find a suitable apartment that met my expectations. Highly recommended----[Benedikt Langenbach][2019/8/16][Country:Germany]|

Dear Robert, thank you so much for your excellent and professional service! You are the most competent and reliable agent we ever met! You have an excellent knowledge about all real estate matters particularly for Expats. You are so dedicated to your job that you fully supported us in all areas of our relocation in a perfect manner! Because of your efforts everything went smoothly without any problems which is nearly impossible in China! Congratulations also to your great team! You are the number 1 agent!----[Kerstin][2018/12/4][Country:Austria]|

Robert is very considerate and detail orientedhe took both parties very well and professionally. He was really responsible and flexible when I asked him for favors and this was really helpful given I didnt have much time----[Daniel Qiu][2018/1/25][Country:China]|

Good service and excellent English----[Jacob][2017/11/2][Country:United States]|

I¨ve had a job offer in Hangzhou, I had to come to hangzhou on a very tight schedule, I was lucky to have Robert reference from a future colleague, Robert was very dynamic and had prepared several apartment options to view prior to my arrival. With a very clear communication we quickly came down to the best options considering my requirements, he also was very effective in negotiating the apartment price and length of the contract, and reached the best deal for me. I will refer Robert every time I can. I¨ve worked in several cities in china, had good and bad experiences with agents, and I know how important is to find a honest, dynamic and good communicator, and that¨s robert! Good luck for those looking for a place in Hangzhou, so far I¨m very impressed with the city, cheers Miguel ----[Miguel][2017/10/19][Country:Portugal]|

Robert has helped a lot in finding a perfect apartment for my boss and his family, and it's found in a very short period of time! It's very efficient! Robert and his colleague Tina also offered great supports to other related arrangements. We just arrived at Hangzhou, so we are not familiar with many things, we really appreciate Robert's help! He and his team are very reliable. I will recommend PLUS to my other colleagues!----[Crystal][2017/5/1][Country:France]|

Robert did a good job helping us find our new home. He had good suggestions of places, according to our needs. When we found the place that accommodated our needs and budget the best, he worked out with the owner of the apartment the contract and logistics, and although we had a couple miscommunication issues, it wasn't intentionally at all; and he tried his best to resolve them. He is professional and replies quick to our messages and tries to be available as much as he can every time we contact him. He answers our questions efficiently. We feel really confident that we choose the right agent to help us out with our move and that he will continue taking care of us during our stay in Hangzhou at this apartment. ----[Andrea Stubbs][2016/6/26][Country:Mexico]|

Robert is professional and very effective in performing his job. He is a kind person and always available to solve the issues. I recommend him and his colleagues as real estate agent and facilitator.----[Cosimo][2015/9/1][Country:Italy]|

Hi there, First of all. We have to say thank you very much. Since we moved to Hangzhou Plus service give us a warm welcome and help us a lot of hangzhou information house etc. Robert and frinds very helpful and quick arrangememt for everything :-) Sarinya----[Sarinya][2015/6/5][Country:Thailand]|

We have always been very satisfied with Robert and his Company. Always prompt reply, reliable,honest, polite, it doens´t matter if Robert or his colleages, all of them did a great Job, we highly can recommend Robert and his Company. ----[Susanne Keul][2015/3/17][Country:Germany]|

1.) Robert always delivers very good service 2.) When ever is a problem Robert always find a very suitable solution 3.) Robert dealed very well with the landlord for the contract and extension of contract and other things 4.) If dreamland management does not understand what we want Robert supports After 3 years HZ we will move to SH and we will miss Robert's support and help defenetily. Thank you very much for everything in the past 3 years ----[Thomas Keul][2015/3/17][Country:Germany]|

Hi Robert, I understand that there are now 2 additional Ford families living in Dreamland complex thanks to the efforts of PLUS. I am very pleased that you have been able to help and now the reputation of PLUS in Ford is very good. Both Katerina and I have been happy with PLUS in our time in Hangzhou. You have helped us with many issues, not only around the apartment but also in daily life. This is above and beyond your responsibilities, and we greatly appreciate your efforts and assistance. We continue to recommend you and your company to others based on our experience with you. Please make sure you continue to provide this level of service and assistance to all of our colleagues into the future. This will protect your reputation and ensure future business for PLUS. Thanks to you and your staff for the support and assistance, Sincerely, ----[Bill][2015/2/4][Country:Australia]|

Robert has been extremely helpful and made apartment hunting in Hangzhou a pleasure. Appreciated his experience and knowledge of each compound. He is prompt, accurate and professional. Really enjoyed working with him and look forward to sending coworkers directly to Plus. Thanks again.----[John J*****][2014/6/3][Country:United States]|

We had the most wonderful stay in Hangzhou thanks to Robert and team.Very helpful throughout the 5 years we rented a house through him. Thanks and good luck. ashok bhardwaj, India----[Ashok B*****][2013/10/21][Country:India]|

Thanks for your excellent support over the last four years - we really appreciate it. Best wishes from Germany!----[Armin & Heike][2013/7/8][Country:Germany]|

I highly recommend Robert. he has been very helpful to us over 5 years, with a very difficult landlord.!----[Fritz E****][2013/6/24][Country:United States]|

Good service in General, very good english. Would contact Robert again. JC Moyen----[Moyen J**][2013/5/3][Country:Germany]|

I have known Robert now for well over a year. There is nobody in China that i have dealt with in ANY business that has a better persona and empathy for your requirements than Robert. He is calm, fair, friendly, trustworthy, worldly and just an all-round good guy. He has overseen the management of my property with the kind of Service that i would expect in my native Australia ... and that makes me feel good. It's also nice to not have the feeling that somebody is not trying to squeeze every last cent out of you. Congratulations mate. I'll recommend you to any of my friends with confidence.----[Grant M****][2013/4/24][Country:Australia]|

Robert is good to understand the needs of people coming from western culture. This is important as otherwise in your business you cannot offer best apartments. Robert handled well our problems with apartment and was easy enough to contact when needed. Trust is everything when dealing with Finnish people and that was kind of problem after we found out some questionable issues when renewing apartment lease. Inside such community we had in Jin Se Hai An we knew lease prices of each other and what was proposal for knew. Not good topic to fool us. I guess this is settled down between us but remains problematic topic between two cultures for other people. In overall Robert is definitely the best housing agent in Hangzhou what I know and I know few of them nowadays from different companies. And believe me, I have advertised Robert as best one if people have had problems to find good apartment. He had very good network to find apartments, the best selection always what I heard from others too. ----[Antti V*****][2013/4/3][Country:Finland]|

It was my pleasure to use Robert's services on 2012, when I was living in Hangzhou at 'Dreamland' compound. I had some minor problems with my apartment during the year and all issues were solved fast with help of Robert. I can recommend Robert Hu - his high service level attitude and professional way of making contracts and managing all issues!----[Jorma H****][2013/2/17][Country:Finland]|

Hi, We were happy for quality of the services you provided to us during our stay in China/Hangzhou. Thank you one more time! All the best to you and your family! Br, JonE ----[Jouni P*****][2012/12/19][Country:Finland]|

We are satisfied with the service you are offering us. You try to solve the proplems very quickly. Thanks!----[Mandy K****][2012/12/3][Country:Germany]|

I have tried several property agents in Hangzhou but Robert is the best. He and his colleagues know what you like and don't show you around at places which you dislike. He speaks very good English. They have a great choice at differnt areas in Hangzhou in their portfolio. Additionally, they provide additional service making your life much more convenienient when renting an appartment / villa. I can really recommend Robert and I guarantee, you will find the right place to live if you choose him.----[Stephan][2012/11/13][Country:Germany]|

You have been my agent since 2007. I'm so glad that we cooperated well during these years. You work very hard and your team is amazing. That really makes me impressive. Thank you for everything.----[Sally S**][2012/11/12][Country:China]|

We are a family from Germany with a 12 years old boy. With Robert's help we settled in a very nice, unfurnished apartment in Dreamland, where the collaborations with him and the management of the compound is excellent. ----[Andrea R***][2012/11/11][Country:Germany]|

Robert's Listings:
1793 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 2 bedrooms/1Bath 100 6500Rmb/Month  
1916 Gui Hua Cheng 5 bedrooms/3Bath 300 18000Rmb/Month  
1918 Gui Hua Cheng 5 bedrooms/3Bath 300 Rmb/Month  
1948 Jing Yue Bay 2 bedrooms/3Bath 250 15000Rmb/Month  
2009 Gui Hua Cheng 5 bedrooms/3Bath 300 13000Rmb/Month  
2080 Jing Yue Bay 5 bedrooms/4Bath 350 22000Rmb/Month  
2522 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/3Bath 195 8000Rmb/Month  
2523 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 5500Rmb/Month  
2524 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 3 bedrooms/2Bath 170 10000Rmb/Month  
2526 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 2 bedrooms/1Bath 104 5500Rmb/Month  
2542 Jin Du Hua Ting 3 bedrooms/2Bath 148 9000Rmb/Month  
2544 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/1Bath 139 4800Rmb/Month  
2545 Ease Sky Plaza 2 bedrooms/2Bath 150 5000Rmb/Month  
2569 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 3 bedrooms/2Bath 165 11000Rmb/Month  
2583 GreenLand Garden 1 bedroom/1Bath 70 4300Rmb/Month  
2584 Riverbay Garden 2 bedrooms/1Bath 94 4000Rmb/Month  
2585 Shan Shui Ren Jia 3 bedrooms/2Bath 170 7000Rmb/Month  
2588 Green Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 155 10000Rmb/Month  
2589 Legend City 2 bedrooms/2Bath 90 11000Rmb/Month  
2593 Solar International 3 bedrooms/2Bath 115 4000Rmb/Month  
2595 The Mixc Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 7000Rmb/Month  
2597 wisdom world/wisdom valley 3 bedrooms/2Bath 142 4800Rmb/Month  
2598 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 6000Rmb/Month  
2602 GreenLand Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 130 6200Rmb/Month  
2604 Jing Jiang Yuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 5000Rmb/Month  
2605 New City Time Square 2 bedrooms/1Bath 93 6000Rmb/Month  
2607 Prosperous sandalwood 2 bedrooms/1Bath 99 5500Rmb/Month  
2608 Twin Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 70 5600Rmb/Month  
2611 Solar International 2 bedrooms/1Bath 86 4200Rmb/Month  
2612 The Mixc Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 195 16000Rmb/Month  
2613 The Mixc Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 10000Rmb/Month  
2614 East King Plaza 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 5000Rmb/Month  
2615 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 135 6000Rmb/Month  
2616 Guo Xin Jia Yuan 4 bedrooms/2Bath 163 4700Rmb/Month  
2619 Huang Long Ya Yuan 2 bedrooms/2Bath 95 6600Rmb/Month  
2621 East King Plaza 1 bedroom/1Bath 89 10500Rmb/Month  
2622 The Dreamland 3 bedrooms/2Bath 223 25000Rmb/Month  
2624 The Dreamland 3 bedrooms/2Bath 223 29000Rmb/Month  
2625 Rainbow city 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 10000Rmb/Month  
2629 East King Plaza 1 bedroom/1Bath 39 4200Rmb/Month  
2632 Han Lin Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 129 6500Rmb/Month  
2633 Long Hill Boss Bay 1 bedroom/1Bath 58 2800Rmb/Month  
2634 Long Hill Boss Bay 1 bedroom/1Bath 58 2800Rmb/Month  
2640 Feng Hua Fu Di 1 bedroom/1Bath 46 3200Rmb/Month  
2641 Feng Ya Qian Tang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 124 4200Rmb/Month  
2643 Ya Shi Yuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 5500Rmb/Month  
2644 Yao Jiang Wen Ding Yuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 157 4000Rmb/Month  
2645 Jia Hui Mansion 3 bedrooms/2Bath 157 6500Rmb/Month  
2647 Yuan Hua Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 185 14000Rmb/Month  
2648 The Dreamland 4 bedrooms/3Bath 280 30000Rmb/Month  
2649 The Mixc Apartment 4 bedrooms/3Bath 200 20000Rmb/Month  
2650 The Dreamland 3 bedrooms/2Bath 223 29000Rmb/Month  
2651 The Mixc Apartment 3 bedrooms/3Bath 215 17000Rmb/Month  
2652 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 4 bedrooms/4Bath 285 28000Rmb/Month  
2653 Yao Jiang Wen Ding Yuan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 3800Rmb/Month  
2654 Yao Jiang Wen Ding Yuan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 4200Rmb/Month  
2655 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 45 4500Rmb/Month  
2656 Huang Long Ya Yuan 1 bedroom/1Bath 48 3400Rmb/Month  
2658 Shan Shui Ren Jia 4 bedrooms/2Bath 145 7000Rmb/Month  
2660 Legend City 4 bedrooms/2Bath 160 16000Rmb/Month  
2662 Twin Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 41 3500Rmb/Month  
2664 Twin Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 51 4000Rmb/Month  
2665 Huang Long Ya Yuan 2 bedrooms/2Bath 95 6600Rmb/Month  
2668 Shan Shui Ren Jia 4 bedrooms/2Bath 145 7000Rmb/Month  
2669 Rainbow city 4 bedrooms/2Bath 157 8600Rmb/Month  
2670 Huang Long Ya Yuan 1 bedroom/1Bath 48 4800Rmb/Month  
2671 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 148 6000Rmb/Month  
2672 Legend City 1 bedroom/1Bath 55 5500Rmb/Month  
2674 Solar International 4 bedrooms/2Bath 203 9000Rmb/Month  
2675 Solar International 2 bedrooms/2Bath 119 4500Rmb/Month  
2676 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 3 bedrooms/2Bath 155 6500Rmb/Month  
2681 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 3 bedrooms/2Bath 140 8500Rmb/Month  
2684 White horse Apartment 4 bedrooms/2Bath 178 12000Rmb/Month  
2685 White horse Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 175 15000Rmb/Month  
2686 Lilac Apartment 1 bedroom/1Bath 69 6000Rmb/Month  
2687 Feng Ya Qian Tang 3 bedrooms/2Bath 127 5000Rmb/Month  
2688 Feng Ya Qian Tang 3 bedrooms/1Bath 125 3350Rmb/Month  
2689 Huang Long Shi Ji Yuan 1 bedroom/1Bath 70 3600Rmb/Month  
2690 Long Hill Boss Bay 1 bedroom/1Bath 77 3200Rmb/Month  
2691 wisdom world/wisdom valley 4 bedrooms/2Bath 145 9900Rmb/Month  
2692 Shan Shui Ren Jia 3 bedrooms/2Bath 130 4500Rmb/Month  
2694 Shan Shui Ren Jia 2 bedrooms/1Bath 123 8500Rmb/Month  
2697 wisdom world/wisdom valley 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 6500Rmb/Month  
2698 Legend City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 80 5000Rmb/Month  
2700 Aureate City 1 bedroom/1Bath 78 5200Rmb/Month  
5419 Kai Jing Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 74 4800Rmb/Month  
5420 Feng Hua Fu Di 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 10000Rmb/Month  
5421 Green Garden 2 bedrooms/1Bath 128 11000Rmb/Month  
5422 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/2Bath 200 10000Rmb/Month  
5459 Starlit Garden 1 bedroom/1Bath 38 3300Rmb/Month  
5465 Solar International 3 bedrooms/2Bath 134 6000Rmb/Month  
9884 Riverbay Garden 4 bedrooms/2Bath 178 20000Rmb/Month  
9885 wisdom world/wisdom valley 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 9500Rmb/Month  
9886 Solar International 3 bedrooms/2Bath 138 7000Rmb/Month  
9887 Rainbow city 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 7500Rmb/Month  
9888 Beyond City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 144 5000Rmb/Month  
9927 Lan Ting International 2 bedrooms/2Bath 89 5600Rmb/Month  
9928 Qin Ya Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 5000Rmb/Month  
10873 Woodbridge Apartment 3 bedrooms/3Bath 250 22000Rmb/Month  
10875 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 5500Rmb/Month  


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