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Robert helped us to quickly install, find appartment, connect internet.. This was very useful service for us as we didn't know the city at all. Thank you Robert and your team!----[Le lannou][2016/12/21][Country:France]|

Great agency in Hangzhou. Been looking for apartment for weeks without success, agencies wouldn't follow my requirements. Once I talk with Plus agency, I got an appointement 2 days later to visit several apartments and finally found what I was looking for. Efficient agency! Strongly advice to trust them (;----[Arnaud][2016/12/14][Country:France]|

A fantastic service! Both before and after moving in, your company has helped with so many things. Highly recommended. ----[Andrew][2016/12/14][Country:United Kingdom]|

Hi! I was 4 years in Hangzhou. During this time company contract for housing service was changed. I was clad, that i could maintain same contact point (Robert) during my stay in Hangzhou. In fact, I did met my lanlord only once, when made lease contract and Robert has managed all my problems after that. Big thanks also to Tina, who in practice organized all solutions to problems, that we had faced. Typically I heard from my wife, that Tina visited our apartment to help us. There was even cases, that we could have managed by ourselves but ask help from Robert, because our limited chinese language skills. ----[Seppo F********][2014/8/18][Country:Finland]|

From the beginning to the end - perfect serive! Robert was great support dealing with the Chinese landlord and arranging the contract. We stayed more then 3 years in the appartment and whenever we had an issue, Robert and his team solved it quickly. When we finally moved out Robert was also of great support to find the next tennant taking over our contract. With his helped handover went smoothly. Thanks a lot for making our life in Hangzhou so convenient for so long time!!!----[Stephan][2014/7/29][Country:Germany]|

Very helpful! ----[June][2014/5/21]

Highly recommend Hangzhou Plus service! I am stephen wang, doing the foreign tv service for more than 10years. According to my experience with many foreign customers, Plus team are the best among HZ renting house circles.In comparison with other agents,they got more reputations ! Robert,Issic and kevin are kind to communicate and fix the customers problem tough quickly, Choose Plus ,Choose Right!----[stephen][2014/3/19][Country:Germany]|

I use this agent for two years it's very caring professional and thoughtful great service----[Bella][2014/3/14]

The service provided by Plus was very fast & efficient with apick up service to take me to the apartment anyone who does not know Hangzhou this is a must all my questions were answered in double quick time & leven has been very helpful even with the small requests I would also like to thank the rest of the team for there service & after sales follow up I highly recommend Plus ----[Robert][2013/11/13]

I've been in China for a couple of years already and do have experience with agencies in Shanghai where I expected that agencies in Shanghai knows what expats wants given that thousands of expats are located in in Shanghai. My expectation failed. I moved to Hangzhou and found Isaac who helped me to find what I looked for. Isaac provides exactly the service expats needs and even more. He followed up strictly what I asked for and even some stuff takes time he still keeps it in mind. Well done Isaac. ----[Ralf][2013/9/13][Country:Germany]|

The time to close the contract was very tight and also the landlord was very hard, but Vicky and Robert made a good job, I say them thank you for they effort . They support me on my entire request, the apartment is fine and I spend my time in with pleasure. Thanks again ----[Raffaele][2013/7/26]

Tink is doing a great job. From handing over my old apartment to moving into my new apartment he followed-up closely on all aspects involved, leaving no worries for me.Besides that he also kept me accurately informed so i was perfectly updated about anything at any time. Tink replies swiftly to all my requests and made sure everything goes according to my expectations. Tink is a professional with good communicative skills.----[Aime D****][2013/6/3][Country:Belgium]|

Dear Tink! Dear Team of company ¡°PLUS¡±! I would like to thank you for the excellent service, which I receive from you. You did very professional work concerning apartment search in Hangzhou! For me it was a pleasure to work with you! I wish you all the best in the future! Ivaylo ----[Ivaylo][2013/5/27][Country:Austria]|

In General good service.Good English communication and unformal support in money topics as payment of Gas and elctricity which is a great support. Would consult Plus as an Agent again. JC Moyen----[Moyen J**][2013/5/3]

First of all i Would like to thank Mr.Issac for making my life very comfortable in Hangzhou. He helped us in getting into the apartment smoothly, he helped me on accompany me for shopping. he has also supported in getting the telephone installation, Internet speed Increase. All this he did it very quickly. I really appreciate his timely support. I will recommend Rental Plus for my colleague. Thanking you. Regards, Panju----[Panju A*****][2013/4/24][Country:India]|

Jimmy is very friendly and help us a lot.We are friends now and had a good time together.I hope he can keep helping us in future coz we are so strange about this city.Thanks a lot.----[Eric C***][2013/1/31]

Sally is a very professional and nice agent to her client; she gave me much valuable advice when I was searching the apartments near the International School. With the help of her, we finally found a pretty nice apartment that can fully meet our needs. Although I¡¯m not living there at present, I really appreciate Sally¡¯s service and I will definitely recommend her to my friends who needs relocation in Hangzhou. ----[Carlos][2013/1/31]

Jimmy has been a great help to us.Not only did he set up the relocation well to us,he went the extre miles to help us resolve some unforeseen problems.On a personal note, He is very friendly too!----[ Khoo,Yong Chean][2013/1/30]

Happy new year!Jimmy did a great job and we are friends now.He is funny and a little bit shy sometimes.But we do like him very much.Try this company if you want help on searching apartment. ----[Maid D****][2012/12/31]

Bonjour,Plus!Jimmy is efficient and helped us find the apartment very quickly.We found many agents and you are the best.Jimmy also helped us negotiate with the house owner because we want to sign a short term lease.The price is reasonable.They did a good aftersale service also,Everytime we encounter some difficulties Jimmy will solve them in a short time.We are students in HangZhou and hope you can take the agenct for a thought if you solicit renting.Thanks again for the Advertising Box and your help.Au revoir! Romain De Rieux ----[Romain D** R***][2012/12/29][Country:France]|

Jimmy is an awesome guy helped us find a good and near apartment in our school.Since we are eager to find an apartment after we arriving at HZ.Jimmy did find a good one and finished all stuff very quickly.Besides,he helped us solving many problems appeared.We live and study happily in HZ and surely recommmend to our friends if needed.----[Manon E*****][2012/12/26]

Steve is very caring and responsible. Helped us with the purchase of products and services for our apartment. Indicated as much real estate agent.----[Maikon][2012/12/6]

First and foremost: I tend to be one of those infamous difficult customers. I have very strong opinions, I set high demands and I tend to never be truly satisfied. I spent some long first weeks in discussion with several other agents helping expatriates to find a suitable accommodation in the Hangzhou area, they wasn¡¯t able to find me an apartment that fulfilled all my demands and I often felt that they didn't always truly understood my viewpoints and demands. I started anew and out of happenstance came into contact with Sally at Hangzhou Plus Real Estate. For our first meeting, she was very well prepared and showed me objects that all were very close to all my demands. After some discussion, I decided on a place satisfying or exceeding all of my demands and within my budget. I had several wishes on the landlord (everything from new furniture to weekly cleaning, etc.) and Sally very efficiently mediated between me and him. She has spent a considerable amount of time helping me purchasing furniture both in stores and on-line and to help me with any language issues I had with the compound management. She has also been priceless in helping me find handymen to assemble my purchased furniture, to teach me the basics of life in Hangzhou and someone I can turn to when I run into any kind of problems. All in all, Sally is a devoted, hard-working and intelligent girl who does what she can (and often succeeds in) exceeding customer expectations. She is easy to get along with, speaks flawless English, comprehends foreign mind-sets, is proactive, and, above-all, a very sweet person. Sally and her company have truly made my first month in Hangzhou a sheer pleasure, enabling me to focus on my work and exploring the city while she has handled the rest. I am truly grateful for all support and help that I have gotten from Sally and I strongly endorse her services.----[Carl][2012/12/5][Country:Ireland]|

Steve helped us a lot with finding a suitable apartment. It wasn't easy to find one that matched our requirements concerning location, price and accomodation but Steve found one for us. Furthermore, he also helped us with handling other stuff such as bus cards, bank accounts and our residence permit. Steve his English is also very good which made the communication between us and the landlords much easier.----[Sander][2012/11/30][Country:Belgium]|

Jimmy's level of professionalism has somewhat managed to restore my confidence in the quality of service and customer relations of Chinese companies. He is timely with his response to complaints and usually ensures both parties (landlord and tenant) are always satisfied at all times. I would always proudly recommend his company to anyone I know who is looking for an apartment here in Hangzhou!----[William S*** O*****][2012/11/30][Country:United States]|

Great service and great patience. Jimmy is very professional and does his maximum to find the best apartment according to your request. Very helpful and ready to help as much as possible ! Thanks to Jimmy I now live in a perfect apartment which matches perfectly my expectations :-) ----[Berangere][2012/11/30][Country:France]|

Steve has been an exceptional property manager. He is very responsive and has excellent follow through skills. I feel very fortunate to have Steve supporting me with my housing needs in Hangzhou! Excellent! ----[Phillip C******][2012/11/29]

Steve helped us a lot finding the right apartment. Beside this, he also helped with a lot of practical things such as handling our residence permit, finding a buscard etc. He's English was also very good which made the communication between us and Steve, and between us and the landlord much easier!----[Sander][2012/11/29][Country:Belgium]|

I want to start thanking Robert for the good service he and his company have provide me for the past two years. The service is not only about real state (which by the way we are very happy leaving in Dreamland), is about all what has to do with what is needed to start living in HZ (city registration etc.) and the day to day support on whatever was needed until today in the apartment or compound. I can highly recommend Robert and his company "Plus" to every expat. that is arriving in HZ----[German R*****][2012/11/11][Country:Germany]|

I used Plus Real Estate Agency to find an apartment in Hangzhou. The service they provided was great and the fees were reasonable. They provide professional agents who speak fluent English, which is extremely helpful when apartment searching in a country where you don't speak the language. I would recommend this company to anyone who is apartment hunting in Hangzhou.----[Chanelle M****][2012/11/8][Country:United States]|

Jimmy did a great Job,I like him and absolutely work with you next time.----[princy e*****][2012/11/1]

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