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Iris is being living in Hang zhou more than ten years already. Iris working in real estate markets for years as well. She provides accurate, efficient and patient after service to make more western families feeling home in Hangzhou. Don't hesitate to contact Iris, her professional, kind will comfort your stay in Hangzhou, makes your life in Hangzhou more easier…
Iris's comments:
thanks iris for past two years.you are always keeps providing after service even in the weekends. thanks.----[Joe Goulder][2020/7/28][Country:Austria]|

Iris is great, she always keeps providing after service , even in the weekends. I am going to shanghai soon, but i will keep introduce her to the people who come to Hangzhou.----[Jennifer][2020/6/24][Country:Russia]|

----[][2020/5/28][Country:United Kingdom]|


Iris is great, she provide after service, even in the weekends, even it s small problem, such as gas switch, how to pay bill..etc, i will recommend her to you as your agency in Hangzhou.----[Lisa Bernice][2020/3/24][Country:New Zealand]|

We have had Iris as our Agent for almost 3 years and we are very satisfied with Iris very professional service. Always quick to act if any problems arises and Always very willing to help out in the best way!----[Per Andreasson][2020/2/26][Country:Sweden]|

It took only two visits for Iris to figure out what I was looking for. I have very specific requests for where I live. After the first time, we talked about what I liked and didn't like. She then tailored the next three visit so well that I didn't even hesitate to sign. She didn't find me an apartment. She found me a home. Thank you!----[Kristyna][2020/1/10][Country:United States]|

we strongly recommend iris, she is always keeps helping us during our time in Hangzhou. Even a small things, she respect fast as well even in the weekend. thanks again Iris----[KURDI SARAHI][2019/12/19][Country:Algeria]|

we strongly recommend iris, she is always keeps helping us during our time in Hangzhou. Even a small things, she respect fast as well even in the weekend. thanks again Iris----[KURDI SARAHI][2019/12/19][Country:Algeria]|

----[KURDI SARAHI][2019/12/3][Country:Egypt]|

----[KURDI SARAHI][2019/12/3][Country:Egypt]|

Iris is a really good person, she supports me and give all the help to feel more confident and happy with staying at our new apartment. She did a good job, so thank you Iris.----[Ayat Madbolly][2019/11/30][Country:Russia]|

Iris was amazing. I loved the first place she showed me and she immediately began working with the landlord to make sure I could get the apartment as soon as possible. She is so helpful and friendly and I make sure to recommend her when I hear someone at work is looking to move into a new place. If I ever have to move again, iris is the first person I'll get in touch with!----[Jenna Johnson][2019/10/23][Country:United States]|

----[Jenna Johnson][2019/10/8][Country:United States]|

我非常满意了她给我提供的服务。 服务很周到和热情,休息日也帮我找好房子了。 最重要的是她找给我又好又合适的房子。 我要给别的人强烈推荐她。 谢谢。----[LEE JEAWON][2019/9/11][Country:South Korea]|

Iris knew exactly the type of property we were looking for and showed us a good selection that met our needs. She helped a lot with the contract. Once in the property, she helped with registration, any niggles/complaints etc. She is always available. We are very happy with her work! ----[Wayne Wildey Graham][2019/8/14][Country:Spain]|

----[Cassie][2019/7/31][Country:United States]|

----[Sarah scanzoni][2019/7/31][Country:United States]|

----[Wayne Wildey][2019/7/31][Country:Spain]|

we strongly recommend iris, she is always keeps helping us during our time in Hangzhou. Even a small things, she respect fast as well even in the weekend. thanks again Iris----[Per Anderson][2019/6/28][Country:Finland]|

Iris has been incredibly supportive in helping me find an apartment, negotiate with the landlord, and offering suggestions that will benefit me. She was very accommodating in allowing me to meet to see the apartment after work hours and let me in to view it again on the weekend. She has been very responsive in answering my questions. Iris has also kept me up-to-date on the process and the repairs happening in my apartment prior to moving in. I am very happy with the apartment found and look forward to continuing my partnership with Hangzhou Plus Housing.----[Sarah Scanzoni][2019/5/26][Country:United States]|

Iris was very helpful and nice. She showed us numerous apartments and always tried to accommodate our needs and feedback. Iris was available on short notice and even on the weekends, which we found great as it's very client friendly. With all the choice in apartments in Hangzhou, we would not have been able to find something as efficiently on our own. Thank you very much!----[Andy][2019/5/9][Country:Switzerland]|

we are very happy with her service.including electricity fees reminding, small items fixing...etc. thanks Iris. ----[Linthorst Jord Wilmer][2019/4/20][Country:Germany]|

We were recommended Iris by a friend here in Hangzhou and I highly recommend also. As soon as we made contact Iris started to research apartments that met our criteria and a week later we found our new home. Iris’s English is great (our Chinese isn’t) which made our move so much more comfortable. Even after the contract had been signed Iris has been a great help speaking to maintenance and management of our building on our behalf. ----[Sam Morgan][2019/4/3][Country:Australia]|

Iris is definitely the most helpful and kind agent we could have found. Iris' professionlism has been excellent. She is always swift in response and very fair and transparent when dealing with any issues. ----[Katerina Jessica][2019/3/22][Country:British Virgin Islands]|

Iris being helpful. Although there is mould happening inside the apartment, iris keeps following,now mould problem being solved. thanks iris again.----[陈婷][2019/2/26][Country:China]|

Upper Mixc was a good choice for my work requirements. The team has also been attentive to my concerns, and engaged a good driver for pick up and the orientation. ----[Cheryl][2019/1/20][Country:Singapore]|

Iris found nice apartment for me finally. Although there is some misunderstooding at the beginning, she keeps providing good after service at any time. Strong recommend her when u r looking for apartment in hangzhou.----[Horder Marjorie Claude][2018/12/19][Country:France]|

Iris has been instrumental in finding my new home. She was also extremely resourceful in helping me to organize those last minute things the we all take for granted when moving into a new neighbourhood. She never hesitated to translate or offer her assistance when required. Her work ethics and resourceful personality were sincerely appreciated. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new home in Hangzhou. Thank you Iris. ----[Francis Ross][2018/12/7][Country:Canada]|

Dam Giorgio Italy Very friendly and helpful. Thanks for all your help getting us settled in to our new home and new country!will strong recommend you , Iris.----[Dam Giorgio][2018/11/27][Country:Italy]|

Thank you Iris for the continuous support and fast responses in resolving all matters that may arise. really great service----[Giuseppe][2018/10/27][Country:Italy]|

Iris is fluent in her English speaking abilities. She is able to bridge the culture gap between expats looking for apartments and the local landlords.she helped with all necessary arrangements and was very supportive.  I highly recommend Iris. ----[FIORILLA GIUSEPPE CARLO][2018/10/22][Country:Italy]|

Very helpful. Made me very welcome,and was very professional. Made sure the apartment was in perfect condition upon my arrival. Thankyou Iris!----[Ian Houghton][2018/10/19][Country:American Samoa]|

Neha Babloo, Australian, Iris, in a word , she is a professional. To be honest with you, I am very suffering from big different cultures linked to apaprtment equipments. When I put my questions to Iris, she is always very warm attitude and very fast responses.----[Neha Babloo][2018/10/18][Country:Australia]|

Iris is very helpful when we are in Hangzhou first time,we strongly recommend her!Thanks again Iris.----[Robert Fryer][2018/9/27][Country:British Virgin Islands]|

Iris was such a great help to us. It can be quite daunting apartment hunting in a new country but Iris made it quite easy. Could not recommend her enough as a realtor!----[Whitney M][2018/9/13][Country:United States]|

Very friendly and helpful. Thanks for all your help getting us settled in to our new home and new country!----[Bethan Amena][2018/8/27][Country:United Kingdom]|

Very helpful. Made me very welcome,and was very professional. Made sure the apartment was in perfect condition upon my arrival. Thankyou Iris!----[Joe Goulder][2018/8/27][Country:Australia]|

Iris' professionlism has been excellent. She is always swift in response and very fair and transparent when dealing with any issues. Iris keeps us informed and is clear about timelines and any work that needs to be carried out. We are very happy with her service. ----[JB][2018/8/10][Country:Russia]|

Iris has been very helpful with looking for offices for our company as well as finding an apartment for me. From beginning on, she understood the requirements very well and all the options she showed me were worth considering. She showed also great patience and kept looking for more and more options. After I chose a place, she helped with all necessary arrangements and was very supportive. Even if I need something today, she always helps right away. ----[Kevin][2018/7/26][Country:Germany]|

Iris is a wonderful agent. She made sure that I understood everything about my new apartment, She was kind and responsive to all my needs. She made me feel very welcome and safe in my new home. I highly recommend Iris.----[Jennifer Gaul][2018/7/25][Country:United States]|

As always Iris responds me really fast.With the best attitude,and help me to solve my problem.Thank you Iris!----[Jonahtan][2018/7/25][Country:British Virgin Islands]|

Iris did a really good job showing different units in a short amount of time and helped a lot to complete the closing and paperwork of our new unit. We are really satisfied with the work and help Iris provided to us.----[Morton Lee][2018/6/26][Country:China]|

Iris is fantastic !she is always so helpful and professional- many thanks once again!----[Eda Cheng, Philipino][2018/6/22][Country:Philippines]|

As always Iris responds me really fast. With the best attitude, and help me to solved my problem. Thank you Iris! ----[Nicole][2018/5/21][Country:Chile]|

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you do Iris, I am sure looking after us foreigners must be time consuming and frustrating- but you are always so helpful and professional- many thanks once again!----[Jonathan Mills][2018/5/21][Country:Russia]|

Iris was fabulous help. She understood what type of accomodation would make me feel comfortable. And managed to find one in a very difficult market. She has solved any problem I had to settle in my new house. Thanks Iris.----[Theodore][2018/4/27][Country:British Virgin Islands]|

Iris has given excellent service to us. She has never told no whenever I had difficult in communication or for booking car maitenance and etc... she has given her best. Thank you Iris----[Chilena][2018/4/24][Country:Russia]|

Iris always provide after service ,even in the weekends or holiday. strong recommend----[speer jacqueline][2018/3/12][Country:Australia]|

She is really kind and professional, and she overpasses my expectations, warmly service and really effective. In less than two appointments she cut find the perfect apartment for me, I really recommend here service. ----[Carlos][2018/3/12][Country:Mexico]|

Thank you very much for the great help!!! It’s was really helpful, I was satisfied with the home she found for me. I highly recommend Iris!----[Frantisek][2018/3/2][Country:Russia]|

Iris has always been willing to help me. She has solved any problem I had to settle in my new house. I came to Hangzhou from Spain and Iris found the perfect home for my needs. I just can say thank you.----[Alfonso][2018/2/9][Country:Spain]|

Iris was fabulous help. She understood what type of accomodation would make me feel comfortable. And managed to find one in a very difficult market. She went beyond expectations on handover day, agreeing to work on a Sunday not only helping with all the formalities but dealing with the unexpected issues too. I thoroughly recommend Iris to anyone who needs help finding accomodation in Hangzhou. ----[Nin][2018/1/15][Country:Australia]|

Iris was very professional and service-oriented when it came to finding a new apartment. She took the initiative to show me several places on just the first day all within my price range, and was happy to change directions when my requirements updated. In addition she was helpful when it came time for the apartment negotiation, and even had a friend accompany me for the police registration check. Highly recommend!!----[Benjamin Noyes][2017/11/29][Country:United States]|

Iris is a good agent with very good English. It's easy to communicate with her. Iris even helped me register at police station in time and solved an internet problem efficiently. I'm very satisfied with the service. ----[Enkhmend][2017/11/23][Country:Mongolia]|

Iris has done very good her job, she has helped me find a very nice house and for the following process. Here I want to send my sincerely thanks to her and wish we have a better cooperation in the future!----[František Spacil][2017/11/22][Country:Slovakia]|

I would like to thank Iris for being completely professional, incredibly efficient, as well as being very caring and Kind. She does a brilliant job!----[Jonathan Mills][2017/10/12][Country:United Kingdom]|

Iris is very pleasant, communicated perfectly and understood all my rental requirements. On the first day Iris found exactly what I was looking for exceeding my standards. An added bonus is the agencies ongoing service for the term of the rental contract to help solve any issues. I would recommend Iris and her team to anyone searching for a property agent navigating the Chinese market.----[Tim Davidson][2017/9/27][Country:Australia]|

After many viewings with different agents. Iris contacted me about the requirements I was looking for regarding my apartment.Iris selection of apartments was exactly what I was looking for and after one day the perfect apartment was found. The professional and efficient approach by iris was excellent.If in future I or anyone I know is looking for an apartment I would be very happy to recommend iris and the agency without hesitation. Thank you for a very efficient and professional approach.----[Mark McGinley][2017/9/27][Country:United Kingdom]|

Great job, highly profesional, Iris has been very helpful for me. Big thanks for your work!----[Lopez Claudia][2017/9/25][Country:Mexico]|

Iris has been very helpful for me. She helped me and the owner compromise and make sure we were both satisfied with the deal. Thank you Iris for all your help!----[Michelle][2017/8/31][Country:United States]|

Super helpful and couldn't have done more. Many thanks, Iris. I really appricate your effort.----[Cantrell Debra Elaine][2017/8/31][Country:United States]|

My experience are very good. Iris understand that you are looking for and really try to help out to find good solutions. Also fast and professional service after you moved in to your new apartment.I really can recommend Iris.----[Per Andreasson][2017/8/19][Country:Sweden]|

Iris has been very helpful for me. She helped me and the owner compromise and make sure we were both satisfied with the deal. She also helped me with finding contacts to fix my flat and she is very honest and sincere in conveying with me what is possible and not possible. She says things as they are which is what matters most to me about an agent. Thank you Iris for all your help! ----[Eda][2017/7/30][Country:Philippines]|

After been around with every other expat agent in Hangzhou, Iris was the only one who told us the right price from the beginning and show us only the kind of properties that we wanted, after we signed she is been there for us in every step, priceless help.----[Carolina perez][2017/7/28][Country:Chile]|

Great job, highly profesional, she always showed as what we wanted To see, not invasive at all, we saw other agents but she was the only one who alway gave us the right price and support are side. Good job.----[Ricardo nazar][2017/6/14][Country:Chile]|

Iris is usually prompt when dealing with issues. She speaks good Engkish and is easy to understand and communicate with. She has made renting in Hangzhou much easier. ----[Amy][2017/6/13][Country:United States]|

Great job helping me t find an apartment. very attentive .----[Paige][2017/5/27][Country:United States]|

I can say I was lucky to have very professional counselor agent Iris to find a place very quickly, to meet the needs of my expectations,with fair explanations about advantages and disadvantages in an apartment. Moreover, even after I moved in a new home,she advised and helped me to obtain very fast TV and internet service. If you need to look for something to satisfy you,I think Iris will not disappoint you. Thanks for the support and help,Iris.----[Dumi][2017/4/6][Country:Romania]|

Iris helped my family find a nice home at a very competitive price in Binjiang recently. I can highly recommend her for all rental needs. 10/10 service!----[Carlin][2017/3/22][Country:Australia]|

Thanks Iris, to find me a new home place in a short time frame. I am fully satisfied with your work, you were very friendly and it was helpful to meet you. You made a good job to understand my needs, so I finely find a perfect apartment. I would like to recommend you Iris as agent to other people. BR Ingo----[Ingo][2016/8/15][Country:Germany]|

We were lucky to have an agent like Iris, who will understand your problem and try to find a solution. I am highly recommending her.----[Will][2016/8/12][Country:American Samoa]|


Coming to China you must be prepared to have a lot of unexpected problems.Iris continues to be a great help to me. thanks Iris----[Mayuri][2016/7/29][Country:India]|

I am fully satisfied with the competent, comprehensive, professional and also very friendly service provided by Iris. Thanks to her help and good understanding of my needs, I was able to find the perfect apartment for me within no time. Also when it came to closing the contract, her support was very valuable.----[Kevin][2016/6/23][Country:Germany]|

Special thanks to IRIS for the help and great job. In just a few days she found a beautiful and suitable apartment for my family that match our demands. Professional and attentive to detail also for the drafting of the contract. Excellent services agency , and highly recommend it for those are looking for an apartment in Hangzhou. Thanks again Iris.----[Benny][2016/4/20][Country:Italy]|

Coming to China you must be prepared to have a lot of unexpected problems. We were lucky to have an agent like Iris, who will understand your problem and try to find a solution. I am highly recommending her. Best regards, Lucy.----[Lucy Baghdagyulyan][2016/3/30][Country:Armenia]|

Iris continues to be a great help to me. Due to unforeseen circumstances that were out of our control I had to relocate from the apartment she originally helped me find. She led the whole plus team and assisted me in the move, from securing temporary housing to finding a new home. As I've settled in to the new home, she has constantly checked up on me and handled any maintenance or other issues that have occurred. Iris has an incredible work ethic and you can count on her!----[Will][2016/1/31][Country:United States]|

Iris assisted us in finding our apartment in Hangzhou in the summer of 2015. Although she was of great assistance then, she has continued to provide help and support throughout our stay - she has helped us with all sorts of things, both relating to the apartment and to everyday life in Hangzhou. Our family does not yet speak Mandarin and Iris has helped us overcome communication obstacles and get things done. We very much appreciate the work she has done to help our family!----[Robin Kersey][2016/1/31][Country:Canada]|

We would like to thanks a lot Iris who helped us to install us in the country. She was really great, patient, professional and effective. We are happy to meet her, without her we never could find an apartment which exactly how we expected. She also helped us outside her job and stay with us, she show us the Way to be well here. Many thanks for everything. Malik and Marina.----[Malik and Marina][2016/1/31][Country:France]|

Iris you are doing great job to us. We really liked your service. Compare to other agents you are really good. Thank you Regards MayuriBala----[Mayuri][2015/12/2][Country:India]|

We had very good expirience with iris, she was super helpful, her English is very good, and she supported us and was available for every matter. ----[黑豹][2015/12/1][Country:Hungary]|

Iris helped me find a place when all of the other agents I went to said there was nothing available. She definitely takes care of you and does her best. ----[Amy][2015/11/8][Country:United States]|

Agent Iris was very helpful and patient in helping me find the right apartment for me and my family!----[Brian][2015/10/23][Country:United States]|

Iris was wonderful. She was efficient and helpful throughout the process of finding a home. And her follow up after we had settled was great. I would highly recommend her.----[Linda Sander][2015/9/8][Country:Canada]|

I am writing this not because somebody asked me. This is my sincere desire to express my gratitude to Plus agency and particularly to Iris Zhang. Her excellent knowledge of the city and high professionalism helped us to find the best options for our office and apartment in Hangzhou and saved a lot of costs associated with the opening of business. I would highly recommend services of Plus agency and Iris Zhang to anyone who is planning relocating to Hangzhou. Thank you Iris for your heart and care! Wishing your company all the best in the years to come! Igor Temirov Director Global Markets Development SPLAT ----[Igor Temirov][2015/9/1][Country:Russia]|

Iris has done a great job for me - she found me a wonderful home for the next two years and negotiated a contract with the landlord that is good for everyone. The place wasn't furnished when I rented it; not only did Iris negotiate furniture into the price, when I showed up 2 months later she had the apartment completely setup with furniture that I had picked out online! Iris has made the transition to China as smooth as could be. She is always extremely organized and easy to get ahold of if there is any problem. You can trust that Iris will be completely professional and be extremely attentive to your needs as a tenant. Absolutely recommend working with Iris!----[Will][2015/7/31][Country:United States]|

Iris has been a wonderful help to us in finding out great new apartment. As a foreign resident her English was excellent and able to communicate freely. She was always quick to be in touch and was very happy to show us lots of options before we chose; we never felt rushed! She was also very frank in giving her thoughts about a place, positives and negatives. We really felt like she was on our side when negotiating rental prices and settling the apartment. Thanks Iris!----[Jem][2015/6/25][Country:Australia]|

Iris has taken care of us very well, professional and attentive. she has always given us prompt service. thanks Iris.----[Katarina][2015/5/29][Country:Russia]|

Iris is a very helpful and reliable housing agent, her great lead and good advices that make us to find our ideal apartment in less time. Definitely will recommend her to our friends. Thank you Iris.----[Ariana Yip][2015/4/2][Country:Hong Kong]|

Overall, she is nice and responsible. Give fast feedback to my enquiry. ----[Chan Chee Meng][2015/3/16][Country:Malaysia]|

Iris has taken care of us very well, professional and attentive.thanks. ----[Ariana][2015/2/28][Country:Hong Kong]|

Iris always help me a lot, will recommend to others surely when there is chance. Iris, thanks again----[Elena][2015/2/28][Country:Russia]|

Iris is so diligent, whenever we have any problem she solves it immediatly. Always happy to help us with everything.----[Sara][2015/2/11][Country:Spain]|

Iris has taken care of us very well, professional and attentive. She has gone over and above what was expected, and we have recommended PLUS to many others. She has helped with daily life issues, dealing with local markets, shopping, and many things which are not really her responsibility, but she has taken this on happily to be of assistance.----[Katerina][2015/1/26][Country:Russia]|

Iris has always been very helpful to us. She has always given us prompt service. ----[Neha][2015/1/26][Country:Russia]|

Iris always provide best quality service, thank you very much, Iris.----[Elena][2015/1/26][Country:Russia]|

Dear Iris, Thanks a lot for your good help and follow up in the past year. Again you have successfully handled some complicated problems for and I'm really grateful for that. It would have been impossible for me to tackle these problems by myself. Thank you so much. ----[Aime][2014/12/24][Country:Belgium]|

She is very kindly.. very thx for her^^----[park youngil][2014/11/25][Country:South Korea]|

Iris was a really good support for me. Suggested----[Roberto][2014/11/23][Country:Italy]|

Hi Iris , You had really done a very good job , your colleague Mr.Issac had also support our family very well. We felt like home , when we had come to china for the info visit. thanks for your support and hope to see the same when we are their in china for next four years also. With regards Bala & Family ----[Balasubramaniam][2014/11/20][Country:India]|

I'm very happy to meet such a professional agent as Iris! All the apartments she showed me were new, in nice secured areas, so i hand't have to waste days and weeks checking some old dirty disgusting apartments with nasty furniture in noisy surroundings as i had to do with other agents before. Actually with Iris we haven't checked many places as i made my choice in the 1st day! Couple of days before Iris checked my requirements, sent me pictures for the reference so we both were sure we are talking about same things in the same language! Iris helped me to negotiate with the landlord, explained her my additional requirements such as hot-water washing machine ect. Helped to find an ayi, informed about options for the new lock change, the police office address, carefully included the list of all the furniture and equipment in the apartment into our contract, took pictures of some slightly damaged paint in the wall etc., informed about internet providers in that area, their tariffs and other customers feedback, found and organized a car to help me move all my belongings to a new place. All the written information were provided in both English and Chinese including the contact for lease. The best agent ever! Thank you, Iris, for your kind support!----[Elena Gladkaia][2014/11/19][Country:Russia]|

Dear Iris, you are very professional and we r happy with your service. We wish you all the best an take care us same way)----[Nana][2014/11/4][Country:Russia]|

Iris has been very helpful and supportive. Anytime we contact her with problem or need help, she always replies quickly, and checks afterwards to ensure all is ok. We are very happy with service and support she provides ----[Colm O****][2014/11/3][Country:Ireland]|

PLUS and Iris are doing a great job of looking after our rental in Hangzhou. Not only getting the place set up, but also ongoing assistance with payments, home help and follow up of issues and questions. Keep up the good work!----[Bill M******][2014/11/3][Country:Australia]|

Iris has been a strong support for our family while our stay in Hangzhou. She is always available to help us with the problems that we encounter. She is very responsive and she goes out of her way to solve our problems and meet our needs. I like that she is soft manner and yet very efficient. Sometimes I don't return her calls is a timely manner and she is patient and kind. Sometimes problems come after working hours, and she she always available. Her English proficiency makes it so easy to communicate with her. Thank you Iris----[Cecilia R*****][2014/11/1][Country:Peru]|

She is very helpful when ever we have problem/issue at the apartment. ----[Colm][2014/11/1]

Iris was very helpful, informative and reliable. She is reactive to any issues and has a lovely easy-going nature. thanks Iris ----[neha][2014/10/30][Country:India]|

Good----[Peny X*][2014/10/26][Country:China]|

Iris was very helpful, informative and reliable. Thank you Iris! ----[Numy M*****][2014/10/21][Country:Philippines]|

Hello, I like to leave a big thanks to Iris for her great support. Eventhough it took me a little wile to find an appartment, she supported me very well. Many thanks Juliana----[Juliana S******][2014/10/20][Country:Germany]|

Iris is a pleasure to deal with. She is communicative, understanding, reactive to any issues and has a lovely easy-going nature. As a laowai in China, if you're lucky enough to have her as your rental contact you'll be winning.----[Grant M*****][2014/9/20][Country:Australia]|

Thank you Iris for the continuous support and fast responses in resolving all matters that may arise. really great service.----[ziad][2014/9/16][Country:Russia]|

I would like to recognise the service that has been provided by Iris. She has always helped me in solving my problems and has always replied to me promptly and provided all around good service.----[Neha S****][2014/9/13]

Iris was a great help to find a suitable apartment for us. She was very patient with us and tried to fulfil every special requirement we had for our potential apartment. She always responded very fast my emails/messages and was always willing to help in any kind of matter! I highly recommend Iris as a very professional agent with good English skills! Thanks Iris for your support and help! ----[Alex&Lan][2014/9/12][Country:United States]|

Iris, Isaac and Robert are a wonderful professional team. They all are committed to give the expat families continuous assistance to make our lives enjoyable and sucessful in China. Every single time I have called them to ask for assistance they have acted quickly and in a very polite and kind way. Thank you to the three of you! ----[Cecilia R****][2014/9/10][Country:Peru]|

Thanks for your great support. I can consider fixed troubles: 1) shower how water, we discover it's a technical limitation 2) painting, I have approve from landlord 3) rolling shutters bathroom, I'll repair If I discover more troubles I'll send you image. Great job Thanks Andrea ----[Vazzoler A*****][2014/8/26][Country:Italy]|

Iris has been very helpful in our relocation. She assisted us in many of the details involved in the moving, more than just simply finding an apartment. She made the process much easier and is always ready to help.----[Lonnie][2014/7/30][Country:United States]|

I want to comment that we have been provided with exceptional service by Iris Zhang in finding our apartment and then helping us settle in. Iris has gone above and beyond in her service levels. ----[Neha][2014/7/29]

Iris did a very great job in making sure everything was ok in my apartment. When I informed her I had a problem with the AC, she immediately arranged the repair. She was really helpful in helping the communication and the follow up with the AC guy and everything went really well. She is efficient and reactive and everything is easy when we deal with Iris. Thank you for the good job !----[Berangere M***][2014/7/23][Country:France]|

My AC stopped working and Iris got it fixed very fast, she solves the problems quickly----[Sara][2014/7/22][Country:United States]|

Iris is really helpful, she helps me when I ask her help. And often she helps me in private situations, that means she cares about people. Iris hardworking and good person.----[Meili][2014/7/18][Country:Italy]|

Very Helpful and replies quickly----[Colm O****][2014/7/17]

Perfect after sales service! Iris is very responsive, service oriented and a really nice contact person. Up to now everything was fulfilled with highest quality! Can absolutely recommend her service! Thanks----[Dominik][2014/7/17][Country:Italy]|

Iris has been very helpful. She is Professional and Knowledgeable. Always prompt and accurate on her responses / actions. It's a pleasure to have her respond to follow up questions and help me with ISE living in China. Appreciate all that she and the PLUS team have done during my first month of apartment living. Keep up the Outstanding Service. ----[John J****][2014/6/9][Country:United States]|

Iris is a professional and very polite Lady. She answers all my questions and was constrained. She organised all meetings and can understand the wishes of the customer. It was nice to work with her. Thank you Best regards Alexander Jobst----[Alexander J****][2014/6/7][Country:Austria]|

Quick response to issues & helpful.----[Simpson F***][2014/5/23][Country:Hong Kong]|

Iris is a very professional and puntual!!! I will ask her again whenever I need a new place^^----[Jane K***][2014/4/22][Country:South Korea]|

after almost two years of trying to change my flat in Hangzhou, I came across this company and I was skeptical at the beginning. until Iris took charge of my flat hunt and within two days she just found the right thing I was looking for. satisfying all the big list of requirements without crossing the budget limits. Thank you Iris for your patience and follow up to finalize everything in a proper way and for your attention to details. wish you all success in your career.----[Ziad M*****][2014/4/18][Country:Russia]|

My experience with Iris has been very positive up to now. She does her work in a very effective way, being very kind at the same time. After having presented my request, I had already moved to the new apartment in less than one week, besides all my particular needs at the moment. I'm very satisfied with the quality of her customer service. Thank you very much----[Jorge M*** R****][2014/3/21]

Iris helped me to find apartment I was looking for. Everything went smoothly in kind atmosphere. I'm greatly satisfied. Thank you :)----[Bartosz M****][2014/3/20][Country:Denmark]|

Iris done a very good and efficient job. She exactly reply to our attempts and on time. Thanks to her good level in English, she easily help us to communicate with landlords and try to find the best way for each applicant's part. Her attitude is professional, open-minded and satisfying. She respects and trys to understand each part. Good job ! Thanks Iris ----[Laurence A*** & Margaux D*****][2014/3/19][Country:Denmark]|

We are very happy. All the options you offer to us, were good apartments. You found exactly what we wanted, and in a very short period of time, and you make it very easy. Thanks!! ----[Sara P****][2014/3/17][Country:United States]|

Iris has been a very good agent to me. She's reliable, very helpful and patient. Her English is also excellent. ----[Numy M*****][2014/3/17][Country:Philippines]|

Full satisfied. She always reacts promptly to all our needs----[Moccia E***][2014/1/11][Country:Italy]|

Dear Iris, What would I do without you. You helped me out already so many times with different and complicated tasks. Thank you so much for being able to count on you.----[Aime D****][2014/1/7][Country:Belgium]|

Iris is doing a great job and supported me wherever possible. Any issues from my side were resolved very fast and friendly! Best, Dominik----[Dominik][2014/1/6][Country:Austria]|

I am very satisfy about Iris's service. She is precise and competent. I hope future service keep going on like this. Regards Michele Lo Papa----[Michele L*****][2014/1/5][Country:Italy]|

Iris..!! I think her name should have been "solution girl"..she is not only finding solutions to everything but also making this very fast! In case you need any help just call her "Iris!" instead of "Help!" because response is always same " I am coming and we will handle it like that.." I really appreciate her style. thanks a lot..----[Ayse H**** T****][2013/12/30][Country:Turkey]|

Dear Iris, Your service is very quick and timely. I really appreciate your timely response to the customers. on a rating scale of 1 to 5 ( 1 being low response and 5 being excellent response. I rate you on 5. Thanks & regards, Panju----[Panju A*******][2013/12/25][Country:India]|

I am very satisfied with Iris. She is always available when I call, even out of office hours. She is responsible, very kind and nice, and respond to our needs very fast with the respective good manner and actions.I don't have any suggestions at this moment.Thank you for your servise and thanks to Iris for her attention to us!----[Denitsa P*****][2013/11/6][Country:Italy]|

Iris is a wonderful professional. As our afterservice manager, she stays on top of issues that we have, follows up with past issues, and sends us reminders when appropriate. It is service like this that sets Plus apart from other real estate services- truly first class!----[Mike K*****][2013/10/15][Country:United States]|

I would like to say thank you. You are friendly, customer oriented, every time provide a solution, great and positive work attitude and quick. Not only in your feedback also in actions. And you have a great team behind you which take over well, when you are not available. Thank you. I like and appreciate it. Please go ahead in the same manner. Would be great to meet everywhere persons like you are. ----[Ronald B****][2013/10/9][Country:Germany]|

to continue like this ...fully satisfied . Elio----[Elio][2013/10/9][Country:Italy]|

When I called Iris she was always very polite and and she helped me along with my problems. When the worker was not there at the arranged time she called him and solved the problem immediately.----[Tabea S****][2013/10/8][Country:Germany]|

Iris's Listings:
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