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Cici was born, raised and educated in Hangzhou, who has lifelong experience and knowledge of this city.
Having been working with foreigners for almost 10 years, Cici speaks fluent English, and has a better understanding of foreign customers. She devotedly focuses on all of her clients' needs and requirements regarding their living preferences and strives to continually provide exceptional service to all of her clients.
In her spare time, Cici likes to travel and outdoor activities. She is a kind happy girl, her smile and aim to please will make clients feel taken care of and comfortable.

Jun Shang Jin Zuo
Size:67 m2
Layout:2 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 1583 days ago by Agent:Cici

Dinning Room Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom Balcony

Rainbow city
Size:158 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 588 days ago by Agent:Cici

Living Room Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Zurich Town
Size:216 m2
Layout:4 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 1764 days ago by Agent:Cici

Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Kids' Bedroom Bathrooms-Master Bathroom

Cici's comments:
Cici is professional, dedicated, and thoughtful. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help. She was a blessing and an amazing agent. ----[Barbara][2021/12/29][Country:United States]|

Cici helped us find a nice apartment and was always very helpful when we had questions or needed anything. Cici was very responsive to all our requests. ----[Alex May][2021/12/9][Country:United States]|

Good Service, Friendly and Professional. ----[Shaun][2021/11/25][Country:South Africa]|

感谢您非常专业的服务,快速的解决了房子空调问题。在一个人生地不熟的城市,你的帮助让我有家的感觉。----[Alex Goh][2021/10/30][Country:Singapore]|

Cici was incredibly helpful throughout my whole time of renting an apartment. Cici was available to help support the move into my new apartment at all times. This was my first time moving in China and I couldn’t be happier with the service Cici provided. ----[Joshua][2021/9/27][Country:United Kingdom]|

I am so grateful for Cici as she was able to find me the perfect little home in Hangzhou. She is kind, caring, and able to assist you in settling into your new home. ----[Melissa][2021/8/28][Country:South Africa]|

Cici has been a fantastic agent and helped us through every stage of the house hunting process. She came highly recommended and I can see why. She listened to what we were seeking and did her utmost to find it for us. Whenever we have a query regarding the apartment, bills or anything else, Cici continues to help us promptly and with care. I would recommend Cici for any expat looking for a home in Hangzhou and will always use her service in the future!----[Catherine][2021/7/27][Country:United Kingdom]|

Great Service. Always ready to help. Real Estate Agents should be like her. ----[Manish][2021/5/27][Country:India]|

Cici is an amazing agent, she is helpful and is very organised. She knew exactly what I wanted when looking for an apartment, which made the process easier. Thank you Cici for your outstanding work.----[Sandy][2021/3/25][Country:Russia]|

Mrs Cici Helped me a lot when I was in Hangzhou, she has been very helpful and professional in helping me to find the right place and to process all the documents needed To ensure that the process was smooth and easy. Very professional A++----[Alberto][2021/2/5][Country:Italy]|

Cici is very kind and always helpful, she always provide very good service from heart ! Wish you all the best thanks ----[Gurjeet Singh][2021/2/5][Country:India]|

Cici is warmhearted person and she is quite reliable. We all like her very much!----[Mia][2021/2/4][Country:China]|

It was a nice interaction with Cici, she is very helpful and cooperative and always ready to help, whenever I need any support whether it under service contract or not she helped. Thanks Cici for helping me throughout my living in Hangzhou.----[Jeewan][2021/1/29][Country:India]|

Cici helped me finding my home. She’s so far the best agent I ever came In contact with. She was friendly and understood my requirements for home despite the language barriers. Now that’s what everyone sees for in a foreign land especially if ur local spoken language is not strong. Thank you cici and I shall definitely recommend Hplus if Cici will personally overlook the house hunt.----[Raja sarangan][2021/1/28][Country:India]|

Was very pleased with the service and customer care provided in the rental of our apartment. Cici and the team clearly exceeded expectations!----[John Hunt][2021/1/27][Country:United States]|

We appreciated Cici's service ; she was very professional and helpful in showing us around rental properties in Binjiang.----[Simon Lamplugh][2021/1/26][Country:Australia]|

Cici is kind. She found us a nice house and introduced us to it.----[Jeongyoon][2021/1/26][Country:South Korea]|

We had a very difficult landlord. Cici's help and patience was essential to settling disputes and getting our deposit back when we moved out.----[Donna Yang][2021/1/12][Country:China]|

CICI真的非常热心,每一次有需要的时候都及时提供了帮助。感谢这期间cici给予的帮助。nice girl。----[AMELIE][2020/12/22][Country:Russia]|

Very helpful and continues to be helpful. Would recommend. ----[David][2020/11/28][Country:United Kingdom]|

She is so kind.----[Sujeong Lim][2020/11/27][Country:South Korea]|

Cici has been an incredible help since I met her this Spring. She showed me apartments that met the specifications I was looking for, and once I rented, she has always made sure I was taken care of. She always responds quickly, even in hours I would consider "off" when I message her. Highly recommend.----[Natalie][2020/11/25][Country:United States]|

认识Cici几年了,她对工作一直很认真,负责,做事有条理,为客户和住户着想。她不说大话,把心思和行动落到实处。沟通方面也很到位,及时,态度总是以解决问题为要,而不是习惯性地说no,推诿责任或强调困难。Cici还愿意付出额外时间为客户解决问题,如我家水管坏了她早上特意提前到场配合师傅及时维修。对Cici的工作和体现在工作和沟通中的品格我点一个大赞!----[Yiping Yao][2020/10/28][Country:China]|


Cici was so helpful in facilitating my move to Hangzhou. She arranged several apartment viewings and was super accommodating of my preferences. She answered questions quickly and in as detailed a manner as possible. I can’t thank her enough for all of her assistance in helping me choose the right apartment in Hangzhou!----[Bridget][2020/8/31][Country:United States]|

Your hard work and dedication is an example to everyone should follow. Thank you for being your best every day! I’m so grateful that you always take the time to help us. It’s really made our life come easier.----[AYA MADBOLLY][2020/8/28][Country:Egypt]|

Cici has been very friendly, informative and a pleasure to work with. She was patient and helpful throughout finding our apartment and after moving in. She provides an excellent service and I will happily continue to recommend Cici to any friends. ----[Amy Jordan][2020/7/13][Country:Ireland]|

Cici was amazing. She showed me several apartments and gave me excellent advice on each one. This is my first time looking for apartments in Hangzhou and I really appreciate her expertise. Also, Cici was patient and never made me feel any pressure to settle with an apartment I wasn't sure about. Cici treated me like a friend more than a customer and she really went beyond what is expected. I am very pleased with her service and would certainly recommend her. Thank you. ----[Thomas A Gilbert][2020/6/24][Country:United States]|


Cici is amazing! She always has the time to help us out. She has made our relocation to China easy and has been really supportive. Thanks Cici! ----[Coralie Moon][2020/4/24][Country:United Kingdom]|

I moved from USA to China for a two (2) year relocation. Cici was my local relocation person and she did a great job. She was always available with WeChat to answer any question I had. Also, during the apartment search she was really interested in getting me something that I wanted and not just to settle me. She knows the area and what works best for Expats like myself. Very professional and effective. ----[Mark Champage][2020/3/4][Country:United States]|

Cici has been my property agent. She helped us find office and apartment, both top class. Even after finding the office and apartment, Cici helped us with fittings and maintenance. As I cannot speak Chinese, Cici has also been helping me with dues payment. She is very proactive, keeps on top of all due payments and reminds me, and I really appreciate that. She checks in regularly with me asks for updates an if I am facing any problems. I would recommend Cici to anyone looking for office/apartment in Hangzhou. She is very good at her job. ----[Amit Ranjan][2020/2/26][Country:India]|

Cici really was a great support during my stay in Hangzhou. She was reachable at any time and helped with all kind of issues. Made all housing challenges go away smoothly.----[Andy][2020/1/21][Country:Austria]|

Very good service ----[Sunny][2020/1/19][Country:China]|


Cici is very friendly and responsible. working with her makes things a lot easier. As a landlord, I highly recommend Cici as an agent to rent your house!----[Li Fei][2019/11/30][Country:China]|

Cici is an asset to HPlus, she always tries to understand her client’s concerns. I am of those picky ones but nevertheless she never looses her cool she always comes up with the best. With cici around your transition gets smoother as you can always find the friend in her. Thankyou cici ... I always recommend HPlus to my friends, only reason is Cici n her customer services.----[Jiya][2019/11/29][Country:India]|

Cici was very helpful in helping us find our new apartment. She was patient and showed us lots of different apartments and was never pushy. Once we decided on an apartment she organised a van to collect our stuff, she took us to the police station and was and is still helping us make our new place feel like HOME. ----[Joe owen][2019/10/24][Country:United Kingdom]|

Cici has great ability to help her clients. She is excellent in her job. Always smiling & Very helpful by nature, she showed me many many options to decide which make my work more easy. I will always recommend her name to all my friends. ----[Manish Kishore][2019/9/18][Country:Canada]|

----[Samuel Tucker][2019/9/4][Country:United Kingdom]|

Finding a good place to live in China is a great challenge, but if you are looking for help with the right people it is very simple. Cici has been a great help for me, she found the right place for me and my family, she supported me to solve all the issues related to the apartment quickly and practically. She is very professional.----[Cid Felix][2019/7/27][Country:Mexico]|

Cici is really nice and patient. took us to visit lots property and answers all the questions promptly we gave her. good experience ----[Theresa WANG][2019/6/28][Country:Australia]|

Cici was very helpful and thoughtful throughout my housing search. She immediately got back to me with any inquiries and she clearly understood what my non-negotiables were in the process without showing me apartments that I would not be interested in. Thank you Cici!----[Kathryn H][2019/5/25][Country:United States]|

Cici has been very easy to work with throughout the entire apartment search process. She was committed to helping us find a good place that fit our needs and was there every step of the way, from initial contact to apartment showings to lease signing. She continues to be available to help with any questions that arise, so we are grateful for her ongoing assistance. ----[Nora][2019/5/12][Country:United States]|

Cici accompanied our relocation from the early phase and helped us on many expatriation topics, so not only housing search was to our complete satisfaction. Despite limited time, budget and a lot of wishes, Cici found the perfect apartment for our family and china adventure in time, which was not an easy job. Also we are now living for 3 month in the apartment, we get full and quick support from her. We are happy and can enjoy our new life period. She is interested in having satisfied customers, we can totally recommend her! ----[David][2019/4/17][Country:Germany]|

Good service! Complete success at any topic. Accompanying for registration as support for foreigners. Help by organizing goods for apartment and related service. Just keep it that way!----[Roger][2019/3/21][Country:Germany]|

She is a really professional, high English level and she gives just a perfect service. Always kindly... above your expectations!!! Thanks Cici for all your help and support. ----[Carlos][2019/2/25][Country:Russia]|

Cici did an excellent job in finding us apartments that fit our requirements. Once we selected an apartment, she negotiated the terms with our landlord to help us get most of the things that we requested for the apartment. She also went out of her way to bring the contract to us after the landlord had signed it becuase we couldn't meet directly with him due to our working hours. Her and the company have also been incredibly helpful while we have been living in the apartment to assist us in fixing the few minor issues that we have run into. I would highly reccomend Cici to others in the future!----[James Long and Monica Gustafson][2019/1/3][Country:United States]|

Cici has gone above and beyond to help us. I would happily recommend her and Hangzhou Home to any newbies in Hangzhou.----[Yllen][2018/12/19][Country:South Africa]|

Cici is absolutely fantastic. Not only did she find me a lovely place to live in the area I wanted, but she was also able to keep it within my budget. Since helping me secure the property, she has gone above and beyond to help me when I have had questions about my compound. Thank you very much Cici! You are a star.----[Kash Bane][2018/11/23][Country:United Kingdom]|

Cici is definitely the most helpful and kind agent we could have found, she attended all our demands and kept an eye on us even after we closed a deal to ensure everything runs smoothly, thank you!----[Luis][2018/10/23][Country:Mexico]|

Cici has been a great help for us when me and my bf were searching for a new apartment! She gave us some great options, according to our budget! And we found our perfect home! Highly recommended!----[Anna][2018/9/21][Country:Russia]|

Cici is a very professional and dedicated agent Very helpful and customer oriented----[Alberto][2018/7/10][Country:Russia]|

Cici is the best!!! Critical hit with this agent. We had three other agents and they were okay, but she blew our expectations out of the water. Cici continues to go above and beyond to make our China experience the best it can be.----[Matthew Baxter][2018/6/27][Country:United States]|

CiCi goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. She is fluent in her English speaking abilities which makes her easy to contact with questions. She is able to bridge the culture gap between expats looking for apartments and the local landlords. CiCi is a professional who takes the time to get it right and meet the needs of the customer. Nothing but good things from her and Plus. I recommend them to everyone I know. ----[Zach][2018/6/26][Country:United States]|

I had the pleasure of having CICI help me find an apartyinnthe Binjiang area. We just relocated from Chengdu. It was a real pleasure to deal with Cici. English is very good and after we told her what type of soo we needed she found us on our first day of looking a very nice place. I can highly recommend her for you real estate needs. Thanks Johan ----[Johan Wallin][2018/6/26][Country:United States]|

Cici is fantastic ! for a foreigner first time to Hangzhou and not speaking Chinese, Cici om the very first contact she has been very helpful and informative. Her English is very very good and ahe understood everything i asked and needed. She was able to find suitable aprtments to my needs without wasting time. She was very helpful with internet connections, cleaners etc - She was a deloght to work with and her ongoing assistmace with my rental is a fabtastic after contract service. Cici is a great asset to your company. ----[Nick Holmes][2018/5/24][Country:United States]|

Cici is so kind. She gave us a good house.----[Jeongyoon Kim][2018/5/22][Country:South Korea]|

Cici, as a foreigner in Hangzhou, I sometimes need help to understand or to do something. Each time I contact you, you are so cheerful and positive... and very helpful. You reply promptly to messages I send to you, and if I present a "problem" to you, it is quickly solved. You help the landlord to communicate with me and vice versa. You are good at your job, Cici!----[Christine Stewart][2018/4/24][Country:United States]|

Cici is the agent who helped me find my current apartment, and she also helps me with any matters related to the maintenance and monthly bills associated with my apartment. Cici is a very dedicated and knowledgeable agent who is always willing to help. Cici promptly responds to all my concerns and questions no matter how trivial they may be. I value her expertise and opinion and I’m grateful I chose her as my agent. ----[Val][2018/3/20][Country:Canada]|

Thank you so much Cici for negotiating and helping in all possible ways to find a perfect house for us and also full filling all our requirements that were missing in the the house. 🙏😊----[Anuja][2017/12/28][Country:India]|

Cici has given excellent service to us. She has never told no whenever I had difficult in communication or for booking tickets and etc... she has given her best. Thank you cici----[Mayuri][2017/12/27][Country:India]|

Cici is a very helpful in the whole process.She is always smiling and taking fully responsibilities.5 stars!----[Tang Xuan][2017/12/27][Country:China]|

Hi Cici, I hope you are doing well and am writing to provide you comments about your service. I am absolutely happy about your servise. You always deal with my inqueries and requests in professional way. If I have a chance, I would like to recommend you to my friends. Thank you Nathan----[Nathan Nam Oh KIM][2017/11/28][Country:Russia]|

Cici went above and beyond when it came to helping me both look for and secure an apartment. I first got in contact with her after a recommendation from a friend, and after seeing her impeccable work with said friend, I was absolutely sure Cici was the one I wanted to guide me through my own house hunting experience, and I'm so glad she did. It's clear she has the potential renter and their individual needs firmly in mind when finding potential housing and her sense for detail and fantastic personality makes a process, that could so easily be drawn out and frustrating, go by quickly, smoothly and with the utmost calm. I have already recommended her to a number of my friends and will continue to do so, I've got nothing but praise.----[Therese Joensson][2017/11/28][Country:Sweden]|

Cici had always given me all the support that is expected from a company of standardsrds and structure II believe that she is going the extra mile for the costumerandand made my life easier and happier with her kind help Regards Andrea Magnano ----[Andrea Magnano][2017/11/28][Country:Italy]|

Best agency ever! Isten to customer’s need, professional and efficient! I strongly recommend it----[Arnaud][2017/11/22][Country:Russia]|

She is reponsible,warm-herted and positive to search apartment with foreigners----[Jessica][2017/10/24][Country:Russia]|

Great services. She is reliable and helpful. ----[May][2017/10/19][Country:South Africa]|

It was the easiest experience I've ever had house hunting. Cici is very helpful and friendly and will go the extra mile to assure everything is perfect and keeps you updated on any changes or developments. Thank you so much.----[Simone le Roux][2017/10/16][Country:Russia]|

Cici was a great help while we were looking for an apartment. She is quick to respond and always made herself available to answer our questions. ----[Yllen][2017/9/18][Country:Russia]|

Cici was very helpful, kind and patient. I had many requests but she remained focused on helping me. She is always available to answer a question or to find an answer to a question. I thoroughly enjoy working with Cici. She is an excellent employee.----[Tanya Jensen][2017/8/30][Country:Canada]|

They kindly supported me to find a new house, and never make me wait so long to get any answer for my question or request.----[Rachel Kim][2017/8/22][Country:South Korea]|

Kudos to Cici for finding us the perfect apartment. We are more than happy! ----[Anselm][2017/7/27][Country:Germany]|

Wonderfu Service. Cici found us the most amazing place. Exactly what we werelooking for. ittook two visits and then it was clear to her what we are looking for. Big thanks for your work!!! ----[Kurt][2017/7/26][Country:Germany]|

Super helpful and couldn't have done more. Sometimes things go wrong with properies, Cici made no drama and got the jobs done and kept me up to date with progress. Many thanks, I really appricate your effort. Matt ----[Matt][2017/7/26][Country:France]|

Providing a good service and have a can do attitude. I am comfortable with Cici' smile.----[Wenting wang][2017/6/22][Country:Taiwan]|

Cici's help before and after the apartment lease process has been exceptional. Always showing good will and fast answering to my queries and solving problems. Her English language skills greatly facilitate communication and understanding for people who does not speak Chinese. Very professional, polite and excellent interpersonal relationships.----[Gonzalo][2017/6/15][Country:Chile]|

Thank yo so much for hard work and efforts! ----[Brianna Maxwell][2017/5/26][Country:United States]|

Cici helped me find a great apartment in Binjiang in my price range. She was very helpful and flexible, listened to what I wanted, and helped me negotiate with the landlord for my dog. I would highly recommend her (and I have by word of mouth). ----[Danielle Bowers][2017/5/26][Country:United States]|

CiCi helped us out through the whole process. She understood what we were looking for in an apartment, and was able to find us the perfect one. She was also very helpful with other things that came up along the way. Are time with her has been very nice and refreshing, as sometimes China can be stressful. Thank you CiCi!!! We will definitely be recommend you to our friends.----[Brianna & Zach][2017/5/23][Country:United States]|

Cici is amazing! She was very helpful during a process that was very confusing for us. She was very patient with our many requests and apartment viewings. When it came time to sign a contract, the landlord only had limited time and Cici stayed late going above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. We will definitely recommend Cici to all of our coworkers and friends. ----[Andrew Riege][2017/4/28][Country:United States]|

CiCi has been so amazing on our journey to find the "dream" apartment. She has been patient and kind and a real friend during this process. She listened to our wish list and delivered!! Her professionalism and attentiveness is five star. Thank you CiCi for making China a forever home for us. ----[Jessica Riege][2017/4/28][Country:United States]|

Cici always friendly and got very fast what I want and searched for. She was very patient with me and we visit several places and found in the end the perfect appartment. Afterwards she organized everything very smooth and fast. Everything was quite convient and easy. Thanks a lot! I will come back!----[Jule][2017/4/27][Country:Germany]|

I found CIci very hardworking, punctual and good in her work. She showed a nice apartment based on my requirements. Wish her good luck. Best regards Author ( indo chin international)----[Sudhir kumar mahapatra][2017/4/12][Country:India]|

Thank you Cici, you've done a very good job. You took into consideration my requests . I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an apartment in Hangzhou. ----[Kenzo][2017/4/11][Country:France]|

We have successfully found our new home in Hangzhou with many thanks to Cici for her patience and constant attention to finding our perfect home. We are very specific in having a home that is clean, tidy and well presented and despite showing us numerous villas we really liked none of them fulfilled all of our requirements. Cici listened to our objections and constantly aimed to improve the quality of what she was showing us, this is all Cici could do as once we reached the property it is down to the landlords to deliver a property that looks appealing to the tenants, listen to what the tenants requests are and either agree or not, many landlords would benefit greatly in following advice Cici's experience has allowed her. We look forward to working with Cici as we start our new life in Hangzhou. I have no trouble in recommending Cici or Robert of Real Estate in helping you find your next home. Many thanks. ----[Lynne Gittens][2017/3/21][Country:United Kingdom]|

Cici's Listings:
19702 Zurich Town 4 bedrooms/2Bath 216 13000Rmb/Month  
19716 Riverbay Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 140 9000Rmb/Month  
19787 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 5500Rmb/Month  
19944 Rainbow city 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 12000Rmb/Month  
20239 He Tian Shang Cheng 3 bedrooms/1Bath 130 5600Rmb/Month  
20587 Han Feng Mansion 1 bedroom/2Bath 51 5700Rmb/Month  
20591 Kang Kang Valley 1 bedroom/1Bath 55 4500Rmb/Month  
20731 Ling Long Fu 3 bedrooms/2Bath 78 5800Rmb/Month  
20732 Boyijun 2 bedrooms/1Bath 58 4800Rmb/Month  
20733 Jiang Bin Lan Ting 1 bedroom/1Bath 56 5200Rmb/Month  
20734 Kang Kang Valley 1 bedroom/1Bath 42 4800Rmb/Month  
20738 The Mixc Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 136 16000Rmb/Month  
20907 wisdom world/wisdom valley 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 12000Rmb/Month  
20913 Jiang Pan Yun Lu 3 bedrooms/2Bath 120 6000Rmb/Month  
20914 Ling Long Fu 2 bedrooms/2Bath 45 5600Rmb/Month  
20915 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 52 5200Rmb/Month  
20241 Pu Yue Bay 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 5800Rmb/Month  
20243 Riverbay Garden 4 bedrooms/2Bath 170 11000Rmb/Month  
20263 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/2Bath 170 9300Rmb/Month  
20267 He Tian Shang Cheng 3 bedrooms/2Bath 133 6800Rmb/Month  
20274 Huan Yu Tian Xia 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 6000Rmb/Month  
20275 Ease Sky Plaza 2 bedrooms/1Bath 56 3500Rmb/Month  
20278 Bai Jin Hai An 4 bedrooms/2Bath 180 9000Rmb/Month  
20282 Riverbay Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 160 9000Rmb/Month  
20283 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 159 8000Rmb/Month  
20287 East King Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 159 8000Rmb/Month  
20288 Qian Tang Shan Shui 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 6000Rmb/Month  
20289 Ease Sky Plaza 2 bedrooms/1Bath 104 5500Rmb/Month  
20290 Jun Shang Jin Zuo 3 bedrooms/2Bath 63 7000Rmb/Month  
20291 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 159 8000Rmb/Month  
20298 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 7500Rmb/Month  
20301 Green Town Qiao Yuan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 120 6500Rmb/Month  
20303 Qian Tang Shan Shui 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 6000Rmb/Month  
20328 Rainbow Luxury 3 bedrooms/2Bath 260 25000Rmb/Month  
20337 City Star 3 bedrooms/2Bath 230 26000Rmb/Month  
20344 Tian Hong Jun Yi 2 bedrooms/1Bath 82 5200Rmb/Month  
20349 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 8000Rmb/Month  
20354 Jin Sheng Man Cheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 5000Rmb/Month  
20357 Jiang Jin International 1 bedroom/1Bath 54 4800Rmb/Month  
20360 Upper Home 3 bedrooms/2Bath 136 6000Rmb/Month  
20363 Ease Sky Plaza 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 3000Rmb/Month  
20370 Power Long City 1 bedroom/1Bath 60 5000Rmb/Month  
20374 Qian Tang Shan Shui 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 5000Rmb/Month  
20390 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/2Bath 198 8500Rmb/Month  
20400 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/2Bath 53 4200Rmb/Month  
20404 Zhi Jiang Hua Yuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 136 5800Rmb/Month  
20412 Ease Sky Plaza 2 bedrooms/1Bath 103 5200Rmb/Month  
20415 Riverbay Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 130 8000Rmb/Month  
20423 Riverbay Garden 2 bedrooms/1Bath 95 5500Rmb/Month  
20427 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/2Bath 210 12000Rmb/Month  
20435 Guan Di International Apartment 3 bedrooms/1Bath 109 6000Rmb/Month  
20437 Tian Hong Jun Yi 3 bedrooms/2Bath 140 7000Rmb/Month  
20438 Jiang Bin Lan Ting 1 bedroom/1Bath 56 6500Rmb/Month  
20439 Jiang Bin Lan Ting 2 bedrooms/1Bath 80 10000Rmb/Month  
20440 Jun Shang Jin Zuo 2 bedrooms/2Bath 95 7200Rmb/Month  
20457 Jun Shang Jin Zuo 2 bedrooms/2Bath 60 7600Rmb/Month  
20458 Crystal Pavilion 4 bedrooms/3Bath 330 40000Rmb/Month  
20461 Zhong Xing Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 4000Rmb/Month  
20469 Hang Zhou Yin 2 bedrooms/1Bath 86 10000Rmb/Month  
20473 Jiang Bin Lan Ting 1 bedroom/1Bath 58 7000Rmb/Month  
20476 Zhong Xing Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 30 3900Rmb/Month  
20477 Fashion Blue Bay 1 bedroom/1Bath 42 3000Rmb/Month  
20481 Riverbay Garden 2 bedrooms/1Bath 118 6500Rmb/Month  
20486 Qian Tang Shan Shui 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 5300Rmb/Month  
20488 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 8000Rmb/Month  
20489 Jun Shang Jin Zuo 2 bedrooms/2Bath 67 8000Rmb/Month  
20491 Upper Home 1 bedroom/1Bath 68 4500Rmb/Month  
20493 Qiantang star city 2 bedrooms/2Bath 55 6500Rmb/Month  
20494 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 70 6800Rmb/Month  
20499 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 143 7500Rmb/Month  
20513 Fashion Blue Bay 1 bedroom/1Bath 43 3000Rmb/Month  
20528 Jiang Bin Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 130 9000Rmb/Month  
20530 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/2Bath 200 10000Rmb/Month  
20531 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 140 7500Rmb/Month  
20532 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/2Bath 200 11000Rmb/Month  
20533 The Starry City 1 bedroom/2Bath 43 8500Rmb/Month  
20534 Riverbay Garden 4 bedrooms/2Bath 170 12000Rmb/Month  
20535 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 55 5500Rmb/Month  
20545 Tian Hong Jun Yi 3 bedrooms/2Bath 138 7000Rmb/Month  
20554 Linjiang Garden 4 bedrooms/2Bath 150 8000Rmb/Month  
20560 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 65 6000Rmb/Month  
20561 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 46 6500Rmb/Month  
20562 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 46 6500Rmb/Month  
20570 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 80 13000Rmb/Month  
20575 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 5200Rmb/Month  
20577 Kang Kang Valley 1 bedroom/1Bath 41 4500Rmb/Month  
20599 Qian Tang Da Guan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 5800Rmb/Month  
20606 Han Feng Mansion 2 bedrooms/2Bath 99 8000Rmb/Month  
20607 Pu Yue Bay 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 6500Rmb/Month  
20608 Pu Yue Bay 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 6200Rmb/Month  
20615 Ming Yue Jiang Nan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 8500Rmb/Month  
20619 Tian Hong Jun Yi 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 5300Rmb/Month  
20627 Jiang Nan Wen Yuan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 6000Rmb/Month  
20633 Ease Sky Plaza 4 bedrooms/2Bath 192 13000Rmb/Month  
20652 Zhong Xing Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 43 3700Rmb/Month  
20690 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 50 5500Rmb/Month  
20693 Ease Sky Plaza 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 3000Rmb/Month  
20694 Riverbay Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 7000Rmb/Month  
20718 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 58 5500Rmb/Month  
20720 Rainbow city 3 bedrooms/2Bath 156 11000Rmb/Month  


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