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Agent:PLUS||Client's Name:Carl.[Country:Ireland]|Comments:First and foremost: I tend to be one of those infamous difficult customers. I have very strong opinions, I set high demands and I tend to never be truly satisfied. I spent some long first weeks in discussion with several other agents helping expatriates to find a suitable accommodation in the Hangzhou area, they wasn¡¯t able to find me an apartment that fulfilled all my demands and I often felt that they didn't always truly understood my viewpoints and demands. I started anew and out of happenstance came into contact with Sally at Hangzhou Plus Real Estate. For our first meeting, she was very well prepared and showed me objects that all were very close to all my demands. After some discussion, I decided on a place satisfying or exceeding all of my demands and within my budget. I had several wishes on the landlord (everything from new furniture to weekly cleaning, etc.) and Sally very efficiently mediated between me and him. She has spent a considerable amount of time helping me purchasing furniture both in stores and on-line and to help me with any language issues I had with the compound management. She has also been priceless in helping me find handymen to assemble my purchased furniture, to teach me the basics of life in Hangzhou and someone I can turn to when I run into any kind of problems. All in all, Sally is a devoted, hard-working and intelligent girl who does what she can (and often succeeds in) exceeding customer expectations. She is easy to get along with, speaks flawless English, comprehends foreign mind-sets, is proactive, and, above-all, a very sweet person. Sally and her company have truly made my first month in Hangzhou a sheer pleasure, enabling me to focus on my work and exploring the city while she has handled the rest. I am truly grateful for all support and help that I have gotten from Sally and I strongly endorse her services.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Richard S******.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Coming to China for the first time was a bit of a nervous and scary experience. Not knowing the language or anyone that could help me, I had a bit of a hard time finding an apartment for myself. After the third day of being here I got in contact with Plus. Lisa was assigned to help me with choosing a flat. I sent her my requirements by email and she promptly replied with questions of her own, so that she could gather more details on precisely what I wanted. From the first instance Lisa was professional, organised, and kept to our schedule. She had made a complete routine of what places we were going to see, how far away they were from my work, price, amenities, etc. We had a driver that took us to each location and everything was very smooth. After looking at the first few apartments, I started to gather that Lisa had a natural ability to find apartments to match near or exactly what I wanted! To be honest, it made my decision hard as all of the apartments she showed me were very nice, to my requirement and within my budget. In the end I decided on where I am now, and I am very happy! The service does NOT end there. Lisa has constantly been advising me on other difficulties that I have had throughout my stay in China. She has helped where time has allowed her to. Overall Lisa is not your typical estate agent, she is efficient, hard working, caring and looks out for your interests. I highly recommend her.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Elena Gladkaia.[Country:Russia]|Comments:I'm very happy to meet such a professional agent as Iris! All the apartments she showed me were new, in nice secured areas, so i hand't have to waste days and weeks checking some old dirty disgusting apartments with nasty furniture in noisy surroundings as i had to do with other agents before. Actually with Iris we haven't checked many places as i made my choice in the 1st day! Couple of days before Iris checked my requirements, sent me pictures for the reference so we both were sure we are talking about same things in the same language! Iris helped me to negotiate with the landlord, explained her my additional requirements such as hot-water washing machine ect. Helped to find an ayi, informed about options for the new lock change, the police office address, carefully included the list of all the furniture and equipment in the apartment into our contract, took pictures of some slightly damaged paint in the wall etc., informed about internet providers in that area, their tariffs and other customers feedback, found and organized a car to help me move all my belongings to a new place. All the written information were provided in both English and Chinese including the contact for lease. The best agent ever! Thank you, Iris, for your kind support![From ip:<>]
Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Antti V*****.[Country:Finland]|Comments:Robert is good to understand the needs of people coming from western culture. This is important as otherwise in your business you cannot offer best apartments. Robert handled well our problems with apartment and was easy enough to contact when needed. Trust is everything when dealing with Finnish people and that was kind of problem after we found out some questionable issues when renewing apartment lease. Inside such community we had in Jin Se Hai An we knew lease prices of each other and what was proposal for knew. Not good topic to fool us. I guess this is settled down between us but remains problematic topic between two cultures for other people. In overall Robert is definitely the best housing agent in Hangzhou what I know and I know few of them nowadays from different companies. And believe me, I have advertised Robert as best one if people have had problems to find good apartment. He had very good network to find apartments, the best selection always what I heard from others too. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:J. Sommer.[Country:Germany]|Comments:According my 3 month stay in hangzhou there were many tasks to do befor and during my stay. Lisa with her nearly 24hour service did a very good job, without her help that would be impossible. Starting with finding a perfect housing with all my for wishes (near metro/downtown, aircond., refrigerator, kitchen, washingmachine, payable), I received 5 great options with discribtion and selfmade pictures of it to choose. After inspecting the housing together she help me with a lot helpful things, like banktransactions, nearest bus and metro stations, organisation metrocard, ordering food, instruction of chinese devices, police registration and so on. During this hole process, she was always there and spent a lot of her free time for explaining. Other place, other cultures. Thank you very much, you did an excelent job. 6 of 5 stars (2 more stars for beeing at anytime reachable and explanation of all needed informations)[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Lynne Gittens.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:We have successfully found our new home in Hangzhou with many thanks to Cici for her patience and constant attention to finding our perfect home. We are very specific in having a home that is clean, tidy and well presented and despite showing us numerous villas we really liked none of them fulfilled all of our requirements. Cici listened to our objections and constantly aimed to improve the quality of what she was showing us, this is all Cici could do as once we reached the property it is down to the landlords to deliver a property that looks appealing to the tenants, listen to what the tenants requests are and either agree or not, many landlords would benefit greatly in following advice Cici's experience has allowed her. We look forward to working with Cici as we start our new life in Hangzhou. I have no trouble in recommending Cici or Robert of Real Estate in helping you find your next home. Many thanks. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Aleksi.[Country:Finland]|Comments:Sam doesn¡¯t joke around when it comes to the efficiency of his service. My case is the following. I booked a hotel in Hangzhou before my planned arrival in order to look for a real apartment with time on the premises. I don¡¯t know how I missed it but it turned out that the hotel I booked did not serve foreigners after all. So I was left standing in the hotel lobby with my heavy luggage and had no idea where to go next. Then I messaged Sam and in no time he arranged me an apartment with affordable price from less than 600 meter away from my original location. We simply carried my luggage there after which I started living at my new apartment. Sam¡¯s way of working indicates professionalism and good will. I would recommend Sam to anybody who wants to get apartment from Hangzhou. And it seems like if you are in a hurry, Sam is your man. TL:TR Great service, good will, excellent English.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Issac||Client's Name:Roberto & BlancaN***.[Country:United States]|Comments:Issac¡¯s service has been awesome I¡¯ve been here 2 months and so far so great. This is something different for me a new environment for me ,because aim relocating from Florida States so this is a new world for me especially not knowing the language so I know that if I need help I can count on Issac for anything . I had some minor problems with my Apartment and when we call Issac about the problems He is on the phone with maintenance people and has them come and fix the problem fast .He also is on top of thing he will ask us if everything is working conditions and if not he will get someone to fix the problem he never forgets us or our problems ,I know he has a lot¡¯s of clients and he is always busy but he always has time for his clients . Im glad that we got to meet Issac He also always has a smile and always happy and in a good mood . P.S Thank you Issac :) [From ip:<>]
Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Bill.[Country:Australia]|Comments:Hi Robert, I understand that there are now 2 additional Ford families living in Dreamland complex thanks to the efforts of PLUS. I am very pleased that you have been able to help and now the reputation of PLUS in Ford is very good. Both Katerina and I have been happy with PLUS in our time in Hangzhou. You have helped us with many issues, not only around the apartment but also in daily life. This is above and beyond your responsibilities, and we greatly appreciate your efforts and assistance. We continue to recommend you and your company to others based on our experience with you. Please make sure you continue to provide this level of service and assistance to all of our colleagues into the future. This will protect your reputation and ensure future business for PLUS. Thanks to you and your staff for the support and assistance, Sincerely, [From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Dr Miguel Nogueras.[Country:United States]|Comments:Lisa has been a great deal of help since day one. She listened to my requirements after our first meeting and got me exactly the apartment I was looking for. In addition her services and dedication did not end upon signing of the lease. She has helped me with the basics such as identifying grocery stores, gym facilities and restaurants that would cater to my pallet. In addition she has coordinated cleaning services as well as water delivery. Furthermore I selected a new construction and despite of the minor issues that come with new constructions Lisa has been there working with the building management company as well as the landlord to ensure everything is taken care of. As an expat I could not have asked for a better person. She has definitely made the start of a new journey in my career a walk in the park. All I have to say is THANK YOU LISA!!! [From ip:<>]
Agent:Leven||Client's Name:Nina.[Country:Philippines]|Comments:My sister and I are very happy to have met Leven, who assisted us in finding an apartment near her school. As I was searching on the internet for apartments, I came upon Hangzhou Plus Real Estate and gave them a call. Suprisingly, a few hours later we met up with them and Leven was the agent assigned to us. Leven came very much prepared and showed us apartments which complied with our requirements. In addition, we did not have problems in terms of communication because Leven has good English skills. And on that very same day, we were able to chose our apartment. But her assistance did not end here. Even after signing the contract, Leven continued to be helpful in our needs and concerns. She occasionaly asks us if everything is fine in the apartment. Also, she even offered to help us install wifi. Thank you so much Leven. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Kim kiseok.[Country:South Korea]|Comments:Lisa, in a word , she is a professional. To be honest with you, I am very suffering from big different cultures linked to apaprtment equipments. When I put my questions to Lisa, she is always very warm attitude and very fast responses. Actually, I got very impressive emotion about her assitances. Sometimes, I am reluctant to make some questions about some inconvenient questions about apaprtment rental cultures. At the time , she is always very reasonable and cooperative about what kind of troubles I have at the apaprtments. Really, I would like to keep in touch with her , not only apaprtment rental issues but also life supports in Hangzhou. Lisa, I am sincerely thankful for your kindness and professional mind. I hope that I need your helps continuously here, in Hangzhou. Thank you , Lisa ^-^[From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Wolfgang.[Country:Austria]|Comments:I really want to highly praise Tina¡¯s excellent service attitude and professionalism, which really made arriving in Hangzhou from abroad for me very smooth, inspite of the very strict quarantine regulations for newcomers from abroad amidst the Covid pandemic. Tina not only did an outstanding job in settling all administrative and preparation work that made moving into my rented apartment extra easy, but she also went out.of her way to arrange the delivery of some general household necessities that i could not go out to get myself due to the quarantine rules. Any open questions or topics I had were answered promptly and taken care of immediately and I am truly delighted by Tina¡¯s strong customer oriented support. I am indeed a very pleased and happy client. Well done! Cheers. Wolfgang[From ip:<>]
Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Miguel.[Country:Portugal]|Comments:I¡¯ve had a job offer in Hangzhou, I had to come to hangzhou on a very tight schedule, I was lucky to have Robert reference from a future colleague, Robert was very dynamic and had prepared several apartment options to view prior to my arrival. With a very clear communication we quickly came down to the best options considering my requirements, he also was very effective in negotiating the apartment price and length of the contract, and reached the best deal for me. I will refer Robert every time I can. I¡¯ve worked in several cities in china, had good and bad experiences with agents, and I know how important is to find a honest, dynamic and good communicator, and that¡¯s robert! Good luck for those looking for a place in Hangzhou, so far I¡¯m very impressed with the city, cheers Miguel [From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Navjot Singh.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Daniel and his team went out of their ways to help me during all parts the life cycle process of renting a home in Hangzhou. Most estate agents just help you to look for a house...but the team here are with you throughout the duration of your stay. Not only do they help you to look for a house, but they also help with negotiating the rent with the landlord, help to find someone for any house repairs, and even up until you are due to renew your rent. From my experience, this is the BEST estate agent in Hangzhou for expats. Most importantly, they speak excellent English and understand the needs of the foreigners (i.e quiet house, clean neighbourhood etc.). They have never let me down-- always on time, honest, helpful and always there when you need help with your home.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Kevin||Client's Name:Dr Swadesh Mullick.[Country:United States]|Comments:I was referred to Kevin through my secretary while working in American -Sino Obs/ Gyn / pediatric hospital in Hangzhow. As I was changing jobs I needed to find a modern accommodation near my place of work which is in the middle of town. Kevin was quick in understanding my needs of the type of accommodation and distance from place of work. He did not waste my time and showed me a number of selected apartments every day. He even helped me with getting a Chinese phone service for my Apple i6 + He was considerate of my time constraints, always punctual for the appointments and aware of my walking capacity . He truly is an out standing agent Curteous, punctuat and has good English command. Would ask for him by name if a need arose again Swadesh Mullick M.D.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Therese Joensson.[Country:Sweden]|Comments:Cici went above and beyond when it came to helping me both look for and secure an apartment. I first got in contact with her after a recommendation from a friend, and after seeing her impeccable work with said friend, I was absolutely sure Cici was the one I wanted to guide me through my own house hunting experience, and I'm so glad she did. It's clear she has the potential renter and their individual needs firmly in mind when finding potential housing and her sense for detail and fantastic personality makes a process, that could so easily be drawn out and frustrating, go by quickly, smoothly and with the utmost calm. I have already recommended her to a number of my friends and will continue to do so, I've got nothing but praise.[From ip:<>]
Agent:York||Client's Name:Robert James Murtagh.[Country:South Africa]|Comments:York has been such a tremendous help from beginning to end, China needs more people like him! He is fantastic at what he does and helpful is an understatement as he is genuine and kindhearted as well. Myself and my partner Simon¨¦ will recommend him to anyone who seeks to find their lovely new apartment as he will make it happen for you i have no doubt about it. I wish there was a rating system out of 10 because i would give him 20. Thank you York so much from the bottom of our hearts,you have no idea what it means to us especially being foreigners in a different country, you treated us with utmost respect and kindness, which we will never forget and we surely would like to repay you for your kindness one day in the near future. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Jord Linthorst.[Country:Netherlands]|Comments:Dear Plus, We have been very happy with your service and support so far. To start with: Kevin helped us to find our nice apartment. He showed us around and advised us all the way in a very professional and patient way. He was very helpful. Secondly: from the day we arrived Lisa was there for us to help us with everything. Especially for us coming into a new country with little knowledge of the language this is worth a lot. Lisa has supported us with numerous things in the past weeks and especially did a great job in finding an Ayi for us. The fact that she is available all the time for small and bigger topics is really great. Thanks to both for doing a lovely job. Best Regards. The Linthorst family [From ip:<>]
Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Andrea Stubbs.[Country:Mexico]|Comments:Robert did a good job helping us find our new home. He had good suggestions of places, according to our needs. When we found the place that accommodated our needs and budget the best, he worked out with the owner of the apartment the contract and logistics, and although we had a couple miscommunication issues, it wasn't intentionally at all; and he tried his best to resolve them. He is professional and replies quick to our messages and tries to be available as much as he can every time we contact him. He answers our questions efficiently. We feel really confident that we choose the right agent to help us out with our move and that he will continue taking care of us during our stay in Hangzhou at this apartment. [From ip:<>]
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