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Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Dana.[Country:United States]|Comments:Tina was wonderful in finding us the perfect home in record time. Recommended![From ip:<>]
Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:Ryan.[Country:United States]|Comments:No complaints. Everything worked out well. I just came to Hangzhou from Korea yesterday and now I have an apartment! Feels great to not have that big issue to worry about. Personally, Cherry was very pleasant, helpful and willing to work out problems with me. Her English was great which helped a lot since I know almost no Chinese. Would definitely recommend to a friend.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Whitney M.[Country:United States]|Comments:Iris was such a great help to us. It can be quite daunting apartment hunting in a new country but Iris made it quite easy. Could not recommend her enough as a realtor![From ip:<>]
Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:Justin.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cherry was very patient and helpful.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Jennifer Gaul.[Country:United States]|Comments:Iris is a wonderful agent. She made sure that I understood everything about my new apartment, She was kind and responsive to all my needs. She made me feel very welcome and safe in my new home. I highly recommend Iris.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:Sean Armstrong.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cherry was very helpful in locating a new apartment for me and my family. She was always friendly in her communication with me. She was also very helpful in arranging my new residence paperwork by not only helping me complete the forms, but also taking me to the different locations I needed to go to get the proper paperwork. Her general demeanor is very kind and friendly. She is also very patient. Her English is good enough for important communication. I never felt misunderstood. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Matthew Baxter.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cici is the best!!! Critical hit with this agent. We had three other agents and they were okay, but she blew our expectations out of the water. Cici continues to go above and beyond to make our China experience the best it can be.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Zach.[Country:United States]|Comments:CiCi goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. She is fluent in her English speaking abilities which makes her easy to contact with questions. She is able to bridge the culture gap between expats looking for apartments and the local landlords. CiCi is a professional who takes the time to get it right and meet the needs of the customer. Nothing but good things from her and Plus. I recommend them to everyone I know. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Johan Wallin.[Country:United States]|Comments:I had the pleasure of having CICI help me find an apartyinnthe Binjiang area. We just relocated from Chengdu. It was a real pleasure to deal with Cici. English is very good and after we told her what type of soo we needed she found us on our first day of looking a very nice place. I can highly recommend her for you real estate needs. Thanks Johan [From ip:<>]
Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:Erik N.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cherry was vital to me finding an apartment. She was able to show me the place I wanted on the very first day of looking. She did all the negotiating with the landlord and answered any questions I had throughout the process. It would not have been possible to find a place to live so quickly without her. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Nick Holmes.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cici is fantastic ! for a foreigner first time to Hangzhou and not speaking Chinese, Cici om the very first contact she has been very helpful and informative. Her English is very very good and ahe understood everything i asked and needed. She was able to find suitable aprtments to my needs without wasting time. She was very helpful with internet connections, cleaners etc - She was a deloght to work with and her ongoing assistmace with my rental is a fabtastic after contract service. Cici is a great asset to your company. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Christine Stewart.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cici, as a foreigner in Hangzhou, I sometimes need help to understand or to do something. Each time I contact you, you are so cheerful and positive... and very helpful. You reply promptly to messages I send to you, and if I present a "problem" to you, it is quickly solved. You help the landlord to communicate with me and vice versa. You are good at your job, Cici![From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Benjamin Noyes.[Country:United States]|Comments:Iris was very professional and service-oriented when it came to finding a new apartment. She took the initiative to show me several places on just the first day all within my price range, and was happy to change directions when my requirements updated. In addition she was helpful when it came time for the apartment negotiation, and even had a friend accompany me for the police registration check. Highly recommend!![From ip:<>]
Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Jacob.[Country:United States]|Comments:Good service and excellent English[From ip:<>]
Agent:Ryan||Client's Name:Michael Grady.[Country:United States]|Comments:I wish to convey my great appreciation for the excellent work done by Mr. Ryan Mars, the agent with whom i worked in finding an apartment in Hangzhou. Ryan was thorough, honest and knowledgeable throughout the process. As a foreigner I found Ryan's knowledge of English, his conscientiousness and his sense of steadfastness in helping me understand the rental processto be tremendously valuable. Ryan was a pleasure to work with. I recommend him enthusiastically. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Cantrell Debra Elaine.[Country:United States]|Comments: Super helpful and couldn't have done more. Many thanks, Iris. I really appricate your effort.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Michelle.[Country:United States]|Comments:Iris has been very helpful for me. She helped me and the owner compromise and make sure we were both satisfied with the deal. Thank you Iris for all your help![From ip:<>]
Agent:Ryan||Client's Name:Noy.[Country:United States]|Comments:Ryan is very friendly and helpful. I had very specific requirements for apartment and he only showed me apartments that met those requirements. He has also been a great resource, assisting me in communications with my landlord before and after lease signing. I would definitely recommend working with Ryan![From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Amy.[Country:United States]|Comments:Iris is usually prompt when dealing with issues. She speaks good Engkish and is easy to understand and communicate with. She has made renting in Hangzhou much easier. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Paige.[Country:United States]|Comments:Great job helping me t find an apartment. very attentive .[From ip:<>]
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