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Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Kash Bane.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Cici is absolutely fantastic. Not only did she find me a lovely place to live in the area I wanted, but she was also able to keep it within my budget. Since helping me secure the property, she has gone above and beyond to help me when I have had questions about my compound. Thank you very much Cici! You are a star.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:Zoe Powell.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:I have always been pleased with the quick response I have had to sort any problems that I have had regarding my apartment and would recommend Cherry as a agent. She is efficient and responds quickly. I will recommend the agency to friends [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Bethan Amena.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Very friendly and helpful. Thanks for all your help getting us settled in to our new home and new country![From ip:<>]
Agent:Will||Client's Name:Carmen Emily Blow.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Will is a huge help! He made my move stress-free and found me an apartment I love. He continues to support me with my fapiao every month and will help me happily with any chinese difficulties I have. He is a wonderful and helpful member of staff and an asset to your company. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Jonathan Mills.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:I would like to thank Iris for being completely professional, incredibly efficient, as well as being very caring and Kind. She does a brilliant job![From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Mark McGinley.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:After many viewings with different agents. Iris contacted me about the requirements I was looking for regarding my apartment.Iris selection of apartments was exactly what I was looking for and after one day the perfect apartment was found. The professional and efficient approach by iris was excellent.If in future I or anyone I know is looking for an apartment I would be very happy to recommend iris and the agency without hesitation. Thank you for a very efficient and professional approach.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Agnes||Client's Name:Andrew.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Great service from day one, which has continued into the tenancy. Very impressive.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Lynne Gittens.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:We have successfully found our new home in Hangzhou with many thanks to Cici for her patience and constant attention to finding our perfect home. We are very specific in having a home that is clean, tidy and well presented and despite showing us numerous villas we really liked none of them fulfilled all of our requirements. Cici listened to our objections and constantly aimed to improve the quality of what she was showing us, this is all Cici could do as once we reached the property it is down to the landlords to deliver a property that looks appealing to the tenants, listen to what the tenants requests are and either agree or not, many landlords would benefit greatly in following advice Cici's experience has allowed her. We look forward to working with Cici as we start our new life in Hangzhou. I have no trouble in recommending Cici or Robert of Real Estate in helping you find your next home. Many thanks. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Will Beckett.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Daniel has been consistently helpful and immediately available for every little thing for the duration of my time in China. Not only in the first place was he happy to help get me situated and set up in every regard, he then maintained that willingness and amiability throughout. Thanks Daniel for making life so much easier![From ip:<>]
Agent:PLUS||Client's Name:Andrew.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:A fantastic service! Both before and after moving in, your company has helped with so many things. Highly recommended. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Will Beckett.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Daniel was enormously helpful from the start and provided assistance in every aspect of finding a place to live, from providing a wide range of properties to look at, to negotiating rent and helping set up bill payments and an internet connection. Not only that, but it was all achieved within a very short time frame and with great professionalism and friendliness. I know I can count on Daniel for help beyond the initial move too. I would thoroughly recommend the company - it has made a normally stressful process incredibly easy![From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Derek Watson.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Hi, Sam is a great guy. He quickly helped me and a friend to find a wonderful apartment within the budget we specified, and in the general area that we wanted to live. I recommend him to you as an agent.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Navjot Singh.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Daniel and his team went out of their ways to help me during all parts the life cycle process of renting a home in Hangzhou. Most estate agents just help you to look for a house...but the team here are with you throughout the duration of your stay. Not only do they help you to look for a house, but they also help with negotiating the rent with the landlord, help to find someone for any house repairs, and even up until you are due to renew your rent. From my experience, this is the BEST estate agent in Hangzhou for expats. Most importantly, they speak excellent English and understand the needs of the foreigners (i.e quiet house, clean neighbourhood etc.). They have never let me down-- always on time, honest, helpful and always there when you need help with your home.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Richard S******.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Coming to China for the first time was a bit of a nervous and scary experience. Not knowing the language or anyone that could help me, I had a bit of a hard time finding an apartment for myself. After the third day of being here I got in contact with Plus. Lisa was assigned to help me with choosing a flat. I sent her my requirements by email and she promptly replied with questions of her own, so that she could gather more details on precisely what I wanted. From the first instance Lisa was professional, organised, and kept to our schedule. She had made a complete routine of what places we were going to see, how far away they were from my work, price, amenities, etc. We had a driver that took us to each location and everything was very smooth. After looking at the first few apartments, I started to gather that Lisa had a natural ability to find apartments to match near or exactly what I wanted! To be honest, it made my decision hard as all of the apartments she showed me were very nice, to my requirement and within my budget. In the end I decided on where I am now, and I am very happy! The service does NOT end there. Lisa has constantly been advising me on other difficulties that I have had throughout my stay in China. She has helped where time has allowed her to. Overall Lisa is not your typical estate agent, she is efficient, hard working, caring and looks out for your interests. I highly recommend her.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Kevin||Client's Name:Sam.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:It was a good service what Kevin did. He have supported me during several month from the planning to house moving. Kevin surely understand clients' wants also he is a good communicator. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Navjot.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Daniel and Issac were very professional, and efficient in helping me to find a home in Hangzhou. Their before sales and after sales service is second to none...truly first class. I would highly recommend using their services to any Expat who has just moved to Hangzhou![From ip:<>]
Agent:Issac||Client's Name:Matthew H******.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Isaac has been absolutely fantastic. The property I moved iti has had a few faults here and there trough no ones fault but Isaac has always been at the end of the phone no matter what time of the day and sorted the issue out very quickly. Isaac shows great customer service and always goes out of his way to help anyway he can. It's a pleasure having him there![From ip:<>]
Agent:Leven||Client's Name:Robert M****.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Leven has done a great job in fulfilling my requirements & really shown personal care for her clients the after sales service from this company is very helpful for anyony first time in Hangzhou I would like to give a special mention to Issac for his assistance too[From ip:<>]
Agent:Issac||Client's Name:Jon H****.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:From our arrival in Hangzhou , Issac has been outstanding! He drove us around , was on hand to call to translate and when it came to selecting an apartment he was professional, patient and very friendly to all of our family. I would sum up Issac , as a kind, polite , reliable, professional and a extremely hard working individual that made our move and stay a lot easier than it could have been. As a good measure if kids like a person immediately it does show their character and my kids liked Issac straight away![From ip:<>]
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