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Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Susanne Keul.[Country:Germany]|Comments:We have always been very satisfied with Robert and his Company. Always prompt reply, reliable,honest, polite, it doens´t matter if Robert or his colleages, all of them did a great Job, we highly can recommend Robert and his Company. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Thomas Keul.[Country:Germany]|Comments:1.) Robert always delivers very good service 2.) When ever is a problem Robert always find a very suitable solution 3.) Robert dealed very well with the landlord for the contract and extension of contract and other things 4.) If dreamland management does not understand what we want Robert supports After 3 years HZ we will move to SH and we will miss Robert's support and help defenetily. Thank you very much for everything in the past 3 years [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Chan Chee Meng.[Country:Malaysia]|Comments:Overall, she is nice and responsible. Give fast feedback to my enquiry. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Dr Miguel Nogueras.[Country:United States]|Comments:Lisa has been a great deal of help since day one. She listened to my requirements after our first meeting and got me exactly the apartment I was looking for. In addition her services and dedication did not end upon signing of the lease. She has helped me with the basics such as identifying grocery stores, gym facilities and restaurants that would cater to my pallet. In addition she has coordinated cleaning services as well as water delivery. Furthermore I selected a new construction and despite of the minor issues that come with new constructions Lisa has been there working with the building management company as well as the landlord to ensure everything is taken care of. As an expat I could not have asked for a better person. She has definitely made the start of a new journey in my career a walk in the park. All I have to say is THANK YOU LISA!!! [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Elena.[Country:Russia]|Comments:Iris always help me a lot, will recommend to others surely when there is chance. Iris, thanks again[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Ariana.[Country:Hong Kong]|Comments:Iris has taken care of us very well, professional and attentive.thanks. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Sara.[Country:Spain]|Comments:Iris is so diligent, whenever we have any problem she solves it immediatly. Always happy to help us with everything.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Leven||Client's Name:Peder & Laura.[Country:Denmark]|Comments:We used Hangzhou Home and our realtor Leven was wonderful. She was very helpful and we really enjoyed working with her. She very quickly found a great place for us, within our prefered neighbourhood and within our price range. Furthermore, she stayed in touch and was always ready to answer any questions we might have. We will highly recommend Leven and Hangzhou Home. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Robert||Client's Name:Bill.[Country:Australia]|Comments:Hi Robert, I understand that there are now 2 additional Ford families living in Dreamland complex thanks to the efforts of PLUS. I am very pleased that you have been able to help and now the reputation of PLUS in Ford is very good. Both Katerina and I have been happy with PLUS in our time in Hangzhou. You have helped us with many issues, not only around the apartment but also in daily life. This is above and beyond your responsibilities, and we greatly appreciate your efforts and assistance. We continue to recommend you and your company to others based on our experience with you. Please make sure you continue to provide this level of service and assistance to all of our colleagues into the future. This will protect your reputation and ensure future business for PLUS. Thanks to you and your staff for the support and assistance, Sincerely, [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Katerina.[Country:Russia]|Comments:Iris has taken care of us very well, professional and attentive. She has gone over and above what was expected, and we have recommended PLUS to many others. She has helped with daily life issues, dealing with local markets, shopping, and many things which are not really her responsibility, but she has taken this on happily to be of assistance.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Neha.[Country:Russia]|Comments:Iris has always been very helpful to us. She has always given us prompt service. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Leven||Client's Name:Farah ashi.[Country:Russia]|Comments:Leven is soo good she will make sure to find u the perfect flat as soon as possible [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Elena.[Country:Russia]|Comments: Iris always provide best quality service, thank you very much, Iris.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Douglas Huang.[Country:United States]|Comments:After I got my apartment rented through PLUS, Lisa contacted me to learn about other service I might need to have a better landing experience. One area I really needed help was the process of getting my driver's license transferred. Lisa is very professional in aiding me with this process. She is very knowledgeable in all the process needed. She came to my work and pick up all the document needed for translation, and accompany me to get the health check and test date set up. She also sent me a file with all the possible testing questions in both English and Chinese. With her help, I successfully get my Chinese license without any issue. I sincerely appreciate her service and would recommend her to anyone. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Dominik.[Country:Austria]|Comments:I am very satisfied with Lisa's work. She is very fast in arranging my requests and handles everything in a correct and polite manner. Appreciate her work very much![From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Adrian.[Country:Slovakia]|Comments:Daniel helped us to find an apartment according to our requirements fast and smoothly even though in a very specific location where was a lack of free and suitable apartments at that time. Thank you, Daniel, and wish you and all PLUS people happy and healthy 2015 year.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Arasu.[Country:India]|Comments:Lisa is very friendly person, easy to communicate with and very quick to respond to my calls even during the weekends. She takes the requests very sincerely and quickly arranges the right things to resolve it ASAP. Whenever I have some problems in the apartment or any other queries Lisa comes to my mind immediately. Wishing you all the best and Happy New Year![From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Aime.[Country:Belgium]|Comments:Dear Iris, Thanks a lot for your good help and follow up in the past year. Again you have successfully handled some complicated problems for and I'm really grateful for that. It would have been impossible for me to tackle these problems by myself. Thank you so much. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Arasu.[Country:India]|Comments:Daniel was very quick to respond when I was searching for a Flat neat Hangzhou International School. He overwhelmed me with many good options. He also helped me to negotiate with the landlord to close on the apartment where I stay with my Family now. Daniel is very approachable and sincere in attending calls and responding with appropriate responses. He is very friendly though he has business like approach. I would be more willing to recommend Daniel to my friends. Best of luck and Happy new year to Plus![From ip:<>]
Agent:Leven||Client's Name:penny.[Country:China]|Comments:很好 很高效率[From ip:<>]
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