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Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Lucy Baghdagyulyan.[Country:Armenia]|Comments:Coming to China you must be prepared to have a lot of unexpected problems. We were lucky to have an agent like Iris, who will understand your problem and try to find a solution. I am highly recommending her. Best regards, Lucy.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Kristina.[Country:Russia]|Comments:When I looked some apartment for rent, I found the agent Sam and he helped me! In 1 day he showed me few really nice apartment and one of them I rent now thans to Sam for organizing and professionalism! If you wanna rent good apartment in good area quickly just call to Sam![From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Will Beckett.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Daniel was enormously helpful from the start and provided assistance in every aspect of finding a place to live, from providing a wide range of properties to look at, to negotiating rent and helping set up bill payments and an internet connection. Not only that, but it was all achieved within a very short time frame and with great professionalism and friendliness. I know I can count on Daniel for help beyond the initial move too. I would thoroughly recommend the company - it has made a normally stressful process incredibly easy![From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Aleksi.[Country:Finland]|Comments:Sam doesn¡¯t joke around when it comes to the efficiency of his service. My case is the following. I booked a hotel in Hangzhou before my planned arrival in order to look for a real apartment with time on the premises. I don¡¯t know how I missed it but it turned out that the hotel I booked did not serve foreigners after all. So I was left standing in the hotel lobby with my heavy luggage and had no idea where to go next. Then I messaged Sam and in no time he arranged me an apartment with affordable price from less than 600 meter away from my original location. We simply carried my luggage there after which I started living at my new apartment. Sam¡¯s way of working indicates professionalism and good will. I would recommend Sam to anybody who wants to get apartment from Hangzhou. And it seems like if you are in a hurry, Sam is your man. TL:TR Great service, good will, excellent English.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Kim.[Country:South Korea]|Comments:I've a few experiences looking for apartments so far, and I can say he is the best ever. He knew what I exactly wanted and showed me some options so that I could choose. Even though I had time limit to find apartment, he helped me so much and I could sign up before I left for a while. Even after I signed up the paper,whenever I had questions and requests, he always found the way how I could fix it. I strongly recommend him! He never disappoint you.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Raul Avendaño Muñoz.[Country:Chile]|Comments:I really apreciate all the support since the beggining from Daniel. He always working as a professional to show me exactly what Im looking for. He always coming on time on our meeting, always with good attitud and always looking for somethin much better to show me. Im very happy with my apartment now and all is for his support and comitment in his job. Thank you very much and if I can recomend his job I will do very happy. Thank you Best Regards[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Will.[Country:United States]|Comments:Iris continues to be a great help to me. Due to unforeseen circumstances that were out of our control I had to relocate from the apartment she originally helped me find. She led the whole plus team and assisted me in the move, from securing temporary housing to finding a new home. As I've settled in to the new home, she has constantly checked up on me and handled any maintenance or other issues that have occurred. Iris has an incredible work ethic and you can count on her![From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Robin Kersey.[Country:Canada]|Comments:Iris assisted us in finding our apartment in Hangzhou in the summer of 2015. Although she was of great assistance then, she has continued to provide help and support throughout our stay - she has helped us with all sorts of things, both relating to the apartment and to everyday life in Hangzhou. Our family does not yet speak Mandarin and Iris has helped us overcome communication obstacles and get things done. We very much appreciate the work she has done to help our family![From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Malik and Marina.[Country:France]|Comments:We would like to thanks a lot Iris who helped us to install us in the country. She was really great, patient, professional and effective. We are happy to meet her, without her we never could find an apartment which exactly how we expected. She also helped us outside her job and stay with us, she show us the Way to be well here. Many thanks for everything. Malik and Marina.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Laszlo.[Country:Hungary]|Comments:Getting a Chinese driving license could not have been easier. Tina was a huge help, highly efficient and reactive. She was always punctual, and got me through the bureaucratic labyrinth like knife through butter. Thank you very much! [From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Justin H..[Country:United States]|Comments:Sam is incredibly helpful and responsive in meeting our needs. If there is ever something I need help with or have a question, I shoot Sam a Wechat or TXT message and he responds within 10 minutes! I have never once felt there was an issue that Sam did not address with his full and prompt attention. Definitely pick him if you are ever in need of housing in Hangzhou, you will be glad you did.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Bala.[Country:India]|Comments:Sam, it was a great pleasure to know you. Great and super fast service, just one day and one apartment you showed and I could finalize same day. Best part is after sales service, I still talk to you for my needs here, thank you. I would suggest to all my friends whoever need any support in Hangzhou.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Sam||Client's Name:Susie(¶¡ÏãÒ½Éú).[Country:China]|Comments:Sam is really nice, He dealt with the problem in a highly professional way¡£[From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Jord Linthorst.[Country:Netherlands]|Comments:Dear Plus, We have been very happy with your service and support so far. To start with: Kevin helped us to find our nice apartment. He showed us around and advised us all the way in a very professional and patient way. He was very helpful. Secondly: from the day we arrived Lisa was there for us to help us with everything. Especially for us coming into a new country with little knowledge of the language this is worth a lot. Lisa has supported us with numerous things in the past weeks and especially did a great job in finding an Ayi for us. The fact that she is available all the time for small and bigger topics is really great. Thanks to both for doing a lovely job. Best Regards. The Linthorst family [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Mayuri.[Country:India]|Comments:Iris you are doing great job to us. We really liked your service. Compare to other agents you are really good. Thank you Regards MayuriBala[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:ºÚ±ª.[Country:Hungary]|Comments:We had very good expirience with iris, she was super helpful, her English is very good, and she supported us and was available for every matter. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Carolyn Baldonado.[Country:United States]|Comments:Lisa was extremely helpful with my move-in process and had a wonderful attitude. I really appreciate all her assistance as soon as I arrived to Hangzhou. Without her, I would have struggled finding my way around and getting my necessities for the first day. She went above and beyond so thank you so much Lisa![From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Will.[Country:United States]|Comments:Lisa has been great - she helped me get my driver's license here in China and expertly navigated me through the process. She also helped reschedule my test when something came up and even ran my passport to me at the train station when I forgot it. Her service was truly above and beyond![From ip:<>]
Agent:Daniel||Client's Name:Leonardo.[Country:Brazil]|Comments:i have no words to describe how greatful i am for what Daniel have done for me and my wife! we came from a holidays in Ukraine to China and we needed a short term contract for a apartment here! and we had about 4 days to find something that is very hard! we contact another companies and agent and most of them said that was impossible to rent something so fast and for short period! so god put this man on our way and gave us his word that he would make his best and he did better than that! we are very happy and satisfied for what he found for us! just want to recommend him and his services because he really worth it! thx u all! hugs from Brazil and Ukraine! 🇧🇷🇺🇦🇨🇳[From ip:<>]
Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:AMY.[Country:South Korea]|Comments:I always appreciate Lisa's help. She gives me prompt response even on weekend night. She try to communucate with management office smoothly. It makes me comfortable and happy life in china. Thanks again.[From ip:<>]
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