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Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:Ricky.[Country:Hong Kong]|Comments:Thanks very much for your patience,really a good apartment.[From ip:<>]
Agent:York||Client's Name:王怡萱.[Country:China]|Comments: 非常阳光可爱的小弟弟,热心,做事情负责,时刻为顾客考虑。评分只有100分的话,打分100➕[From ip:<>]
Agent:York||Client's Name:Sandra.[Country:Philippines]|Comments:York is really nice and helpful and he helped me find an beautiful home in high efficiency, really pleasant corporation [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Sarah Scanzoni.[Country:United States]|Comments:Iris has been incredibly supportive in helping me find an apartment, negotiate with the landlord, and offering suggestions that will benefit me. She was very accommodating in allowing me to meet to see the apartment after work hours and let me in to view it again on the weekend. She has been very responsive in answering my questions. Iris has also kept me up-to-date on the process and the repairs happening in my apartment prior to moving in. I am very happy with the apartment found and look forward to continuing my partnership with Hangzhou Plus Housing.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Kathryn H.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cici was very helpful and thoughtful throughout my housing search. She immediately got back to me with any inquiries and she clearly understood what my non-negotiables were in the process without showing me apartments that I would not be interested in. Thank you Cici![From ip:<>]
Agent:richard||Client's Name:Mohamed Ahmed Elbadawy.[Country:Egypt]|Comments:He is a very helpful and kind guy besides he can speak English. He helped me to find the suitable apartment for me according to my budget as well as checking the contract and check that every thing related to the landlord is okay and verified. Also, he helped me to go to the police office and changing my address to the new home. I really appreciate his help and recommend him to every foreigner needs to find a good and comfotable accommodation [From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:JULIO.[Country:Spain]|Comments:OUTSTANDING JOB! I had never thought that arriving to this complex environment I would find the support and professionalism that Tina and Plus have given me. Always patient and available. I will not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you![From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Neelam.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:Tina has been amazing! She has fantastic communication skills and has been proactive in providing the information we needed. As an expat, it can sometimes be difficult to find accomodation that feels like home. Tina managed to find us the perfect place on the first meeting. We are very happy! Thank you Tina. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Nora.[Country:United States]|Comments:Cici has been very easy to work with throughout the entire apartment search process. She was committed to helping us find a good place that fit our needs and was there every step of the way, from initial contact to apartment showings to lease signing. She continues to be available to help with any questions that arise, so we are grateful for her ongoing assistance. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Andy.[Country:Switzerland]|Comments:Iris was very helpful and nice. She showed us numerous apartments and always tried to accommodate our needs and feedback. Iris was available on short notice and even on the weekends, which we found great as it's very client friendly. With all the choice in apartments in Hangzhou, we would not have been able to find something as efficiently on our own. Thank you very much![From ip:<>]
Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:James.[Country:United Kingdom]|Comments:I want to say a huge thank you to Sherry for her help and support in assisting me with the apartment renewal. She has handled everything with utmost professionalism and diligence, and is an asset to your organization.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Emily Blow.[Country:United States]|Comments:She did a great job getting me a fapiao in a timely manner and answered all of my questions making the process very clear. Thank you Tina [From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Charles Wilson.[Country:India]|Comments:Wonderful and professional service [From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:May.[Country:Russia]|Comments:She has been very professional and helpful for us! Thanks for everything she has done for us![From ip:<>]
Agent:York||Client's Name:Fan Chen.[Country:China]|Comments:York非常认真负责,搜房效率很高,也很符合我们的需求,所以很快找到了房子,后续和房东沟通接洽事宜也处理的很及时有效,很感谢York的团队帮我们找到了满意的家。[From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Linthorst Jord Wilmer.[Country:Germany]|Comments: we are very happy with her service.including electricity fees reminding, small items fixing...etc. thanks Iris. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:BADER, HAKAM MUNZER A.[Country:Russia]|Comments:on Mar 19th, 2019, Sherry helped to me to rent an apartment, very nice, and also better price. She is very friendly girl, contact with owner patiently. Tks to her.[From ip:<>]
Agent:Cici||Client's Name:David.[Country:Germany]|Comments:Cici accompanied our relocation from the early phase and helped us on many expatriation topics, so not only housing search was to our complete satisfaction. Despite limited time, budget and a lot of wishes, Cici found the perfect apartment for our family and china adventure in time, which was not an easy job. Also we are now living for 3 month in the apartment, we get full and quick support from her. We are happy and can enjoy our new life period. She is interested in having satisfied customers, we can totally recommend her! [From ip:<>]
Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Zaia.[Country:Spain]|Comments:I’m very happy with her work. She is very nice and she works very well, facilitating all resources. She is very good at negotiating. I was very lucky that she was my agent, she has got the perfect house for me. [From ip:<>]
Agent:Iris||Client's Name:Sam Morgan.[Country:Australia]|Comments:We were recommended Iris by a friend here in Hangzhou and I highly recommend also. As soon as we made contact Iris started to research apartments that met our criteria and a week later we found our new home. Iris’s English is great (our Chinese isn’t) which made our move so much more comfortable. Even after the contract had been signed Iris has been a great help speaking to maintenance and management of our building on our behalf. [From ip:<>]
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