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Hangzhou apartment and house rental


Bin Jiang Area

- Rain Bow City

- Solar Apartment

- Ease Sky Plaza

- River Bay Garden

- Star Avenue

Down Town Area

- Deep Blue Plaza

- White Horse Apartment

- Bao Shan Apartment

- Hua Ting Apartment

New CBD Area

- Mixc Apartment

- Sheng Shi Qian Tang

- Dong Fang Run Yuan

Up Town Area

- Dream Land

- Chun Jiang Hua Yue

Stadium Area

- Green Garden

- Legend City


West Town Area

- Shan Shui Ren Jia

- Century New City

- Gui Hua Cheng


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Size:106 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/10/16 15:30:42

Dinning Room  Kitchen  Living Room 

wisdom tower
Size:46 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath

Date:2020/10/12 18:02:11

Living Room  Dinning Room  Kitchen 

wisdom world/wisdom valley
Size:200 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/10/12 18:01:57

Living Room  Living Room  Dinning Room 

Size:138 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/9/21 14:52:24

Dinning Room  Bedrooms-Master Bedroom  Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom 

Size:43 m2
Layout:2 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/9/7 16:24:44

Living Room  Dinning Room  Bedrooms-Master Bedroom 

Ease Sky Plaza
Size:198 m2
Layout:4 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/9/7 16:24:01

Living Room  Kitchen  View 

Heart of Hua Xia
Size:89 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/1Bath

Date:2020/8/19 16:26:22

Kitchen  Living Room  Bathrooms-Master Bathroom 

He Tian Shang Cheng
Size:140 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/8/13 11:56:57

Living Room  Kitchen  Bedrooms-Master Bedroom 

Magnetic Capital
Size:117 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/8/6 14:31:45

Internal Condition  Internal Condition  Internal Condition 

Pheonix City
Shangcheng District
Size:145 m2
Layout:4 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/7/27 16:24:42

Internal Condition  Internal Condition  Internal Condition 

Magnetic Capital
Size:139 m2
Layout:4 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/7/23 11:22:08

Internal Condition  Internal Condition  Internal Condition 

wisdom world/wisdom valley
Size:158 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath

Date:2020/7/23 11:21:55

Internal Condition  Internal Condition  Internal Condition 

[2020/9/30] Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Fang.[Country:Russia]Comments:Tina是个非常负责和有耐心的人,感谢她的这份耐心细心,也帮我们完成了很多本该我们来完成的工作,谢谢![From ip:<>]
[2020/9/30] Agent:York||Client's Name:Kawin Jack Sherwin.[Country:United Kingdom]Comments:York was a great agent he showed me the places I wanted to see that fit my requirements. such as being close to my girlfriend and within my budget. He also spoke well and gave me advice on what to do. I always felt like he was on my side during negotiations with landlords. would recommend him.[From ip:<>]
[2020/9/30] Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Emily.[Country:United Kingdom]Comments:Tina was so helpful when sorting out the details of our apartment. She kept me up-to-date with all the progress with regular photos and messages. She was excellent at negotiating all of the western extras that we were after such as a dishwasher and oven. Tina made the whole process really easy for us and even went out if her way to help us set up our mobile phones and helped translating with our ayi. I can highly recommend Plus Housing, they are very efficient and accommodating! [From ip:<>]
[2020/9/28] Agent:Cherry||Client's Name:Jenna.[Country:United States]Comments:Sherry has been a great help to me during my search for an apartment. She showed me many great options and answered all my questions. I eventually decided to remain in my current apartment but I would recommend Sherry to anyone I know that is searching for a new place in Hangzhou! [From ip:<>]
[2020/9/25] Agent:Cici||Client's Name:小熊.[Country:Russia]Comments:服务态度优异,反馈及时,专业。[From ip:<>]
[2020/8/31] Agent:Cici||Client's Name:Bridget.[Country:United States]Comments:Cici was so helpful in facilitating my move to Hangzhou. She arranged several apartment viewings and was super accommodating of my preferences. She answered questions quickly and in as detailed a manner as possible. I can’t thank her enough for all of her assistance in helping me choose the right apartment in Hangzhou![From ip:<>]
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